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For Sale: UE TF 10s

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For Sale:
UE TF 10s

Will Ship To: CONUS

Ultimate Ears TF10s for sale in very good condition.  Maybe 200 hours on them.  Comes with both a Ted's custom Hybrid cable ($95 new) and a stock cable.  Metal carrying case included, and I'll throw in a new pair of Comply 500 tips as well if you want them.  I have two newer iems and am selling the TF10s because they are no longer being used.  

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willing to ship to Europe?

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Shipping can be pricey.  Headphones and cables only, without metal box, sure.  I'd need to weigh it and price it out.  Probably around $10-15.  I shipped some ear tips in an envelope and that was $6.

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Pm sent
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Would you consider selling just the replacement cable? Or the stock cable if you still have it? I own the tf10's but my cable has stopped working properly...



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No, thanks.  I took a look at both Amazon and eBay, both have a wide assortment of cables in a wide range of prices.  I'd like to sell my set as a set to someone who really wants a TF10 and good cables.

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Ok, thanks
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Nope.  :normal_smile :  

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