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For Sale: Sony MDR-1R

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For Sale:
Sony MDR-1R

Will Ship To: Lower 48

I am selling my Sony MDR-1R. These are great sounding cans, and are extremely comfortable. I would keep them but I have too many headphones right now, and these aren't the most convenient for me since I don't have an iPhone anymore. They come with all accessories, including the original box, iPhone compatible cable that works great, and soft carrying case with separate compartments for cables and cans. There are a few small scratches in the chrome paint as shown in the pics. It does have the clicking noise, but is easily fixed by wrapping a small amount of tape around the base of the plug, very easy and stealthy if you use electrical tape. I was lazy and used masking tape because I didn't care about the looks. It completely fixes the noise  without affecting the performance of the cans. 


Shipping is included with the price.

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For Sale: $60 (USD)
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what a deal! I would get one if i didn't already have a portable pair of IEM

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Sale pending.

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