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For Sale: Inventory Clearout - LCD-3, HE-500, SR 225i, Meier 2Move

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Inventory Clearout - LCD-3, HE-500, SR 225i, Meier 2Move

Will Ship To: Continental US

This is a little painful to write, but I have accumulated plenty along the way, and I am ready to part with several of my cans. I am the original and only owner of all of these.


For all transactions: I use paypal, I pay transaction fees, I pay shipping, and I ship UPS tracked and insured for full value of replacement item (e.g.: the LCD-3 is insured to $2000). I use these parameters to protect the buyer first, me second. Shipping is only to Continental US (sorry, but not sorry enough).


I am responsive to PM, and will get item in mail the next business day after receiving payment. Pics later upon request.


Last in, First out: Audeze LCD-3 w/ fazor, $SOLD 


They are in the wood case, with all accessories. I only unraveled the 1/4" cable, and haven't even opened the envelope of stickers/FR!

I was out of town for work, visited a local dealer, listened, had the required funds, and figured "sweet." I generally prefer brighter headphones, and between that and the weight (I am a weenie) these aren't my cup of coffee after all. I JUST bought these 3 weeks ago, and they are in pristine condition: I ran them on pink noise for a weekend, and have only listened to them for ~15 hours. I registered warranty after I bought, and Audeze is VERY good about transferring warranties. I have always been excited about the headphones I nabbed as "b-stock", so rather than deal with returning to out of town dealer, with no internet sales, I want to sell these here.


Most Loved: HifiMan HE-500, $SOLD


These are in excellent condition, come in original HifiMan case, both sets of earpads, and your choice of stock silver cable, or stock cable from the HE-560 (primary difference is: 500 stock cable is longer and has no nylon sleeve, 560 stock cable is shorter and fully sleeved in nylon). I bought these back in 2011, and have enjoyed them as my go to set for a long time. I recently upgraded to the HE-560, which I like better due to comfort and FR (I fear it has to do with getting older).


Most Unappreciated: Grado SR 225i + JMoney Headband, $SOLD


Also in excellent condition, these come in the trademark pizza box, with all original accessories: none jmoney leather replacement headband, in camel. These bad boys stand proudly at the edge of the cliff of diminishing returns in Grado's lineup, and are STILL among the best all rock headphones, I just don't listen to enough straight rock anymore to justify keeping them. Hopefully they can make it to a good home where they will be loved and turned to 11.


UPDATE 8/8/14: Price went up a tiny bit to accommodate the addition of my beloved, and increasingly rare jmoney grado headband. The color is camel, and it is in flawless condition. I figured I would keep this item forever just in case I get back into grado, but since that is not likely happening soon, I should free this genie. Its already installed, so you don't have to freak out about installation issues, the change in comfort is night and day, also the khaki colored leather against steel and black cans looks pretty sharp.

Since I know someone will ask: I am willing to sell just the headband, but the price is $SOLD, and it will be attached to a set of grado 225i


First in, Last out: Meier 2Move amp/dac, $100


This was the first piece of gear I got that really changed the way I loved music. It comes in its original shipping package, which will include the postage from Germany to the US (with my old address blacked out). It has been loved, but there are no mechanical or cosmetic flaws, other than the Moleskin I taped to the top to keep it from scratching my oooold iPod. This is a VERY capable, portable, amplifier and DAC. It is powered by a single 9V cell or off of your USB port, and has a switch to turn on/off Jan Meier's solid passive headphone crossover. By changing a jumper on the board you can switch between high and low gain (I never really needed high, so it is still in low). I purchased after reading through Skylab's uber-comprehensive portable amp thread, and it never disappointed, but my portability requirements have changed, and I primarily use headphones that require way moar power, or almost none.

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HE-500 are already gone

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LCD-3 are out the door also. To spice things up, I am (reluctantly) including my JMoney replacement headband with the grado 225i. Price went up by $15, but the included item is a relic of luxury that I paid $50 for, so you can do the math. Details are in original post.

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PM Sent

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and then there was one... only the meier 2move remains, so I am closing the classified, and moving lonely little 2move to the amp for sale forum where he belongs.

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