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The Official 2014 LA Head-Fi Meet Impressions Thread  

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The meet is on!  Pics, impressions, post 'em if ya got em!  :smile: 



First, I want to thank and give a round of applause to third_eye (Ethan), our lead organizer for the past four meets.


I don't think most people know how much time and effort he puts into the meets.  But hopefully, this will give everyone an idea...


Without Ethan, our meets would simply not exist.  Thanks bro!



And special thanks to Lisa (Mrs. third_eye) - plus Elliot, Ari and Isla (the little third_eyes) - for being so supportive and hanging out with us at the meet!  You guys rock!  :smile:


And now, big and sincere thanks to... (Click to show)

Jude:  Thanks for coming all the way out for the meet bro, and for the dinners, and for helping out at the reg desk, and, well, everything - especially in the midst of the recent busy-ness!


dichtert:  Terry, I missed you in SF, so it was great hanging out again!  My deepest thanks, for the umpteenth time, for dutifully manning the reg table nearly all day so that Ethan and I don't have to sit there alone.    I think that, at the next meet, I'll set up my rig at or near the registration table so that we have a chance to listen to some stuff.


donaldj68, Autark, reubunny and The Fed:  Thanks for sacrificing part of your meet to help everyone else enjoy the meet.  I hope you guys did get to listen to most (or at least some) of the stuff that you wanted to check out.


Shiorisekine, Klesk, nhlducks35 and reubunny (again):  Thanks for manning the Schiit tables and making sure people got to hear the new stuff, particularly the Lyr 2 which seems to be getting pretty popular.  :smile:  And of course, thanks Tony (from Schiit) for stopping by to make sure we weren't totally screwing Schiit up.  :o


Hajime:  Thanks for taking your day out to help man my table and getting amp impressions.  And thanks for the surprise birthday gift... which I feel especially bad for as it is was your birthday too and I didn't have a chance to get you anything.  :o


HiFiGuy528:  Thanks bro, for everything.  You know what I mean.  ;)


Brian Hunter:  Dude, so glad you're back in SoCal! Thanks for coming to the meet, and we'll definitely hook up soon!  :smile:


...and of course mikemercer and morserotinin:  Totally missed ya bros, but I know what y'all are going through.  Hang in there, I'll see you soon!


And of course, thanks to everyone that made it out to the meet, and the dinner after.  You guys are the reason why we do this!  :smile:



As for the future, Ethan and I are going to be taking a little break from meets for the rest of the year.  After two shows (T.H.E. Headphonium @ Newport, CanMania @ Capital Audio Fest) and three meets (2014 SoCal Meet, 2014 S.F. Meet and 2014 L.A. Meet) inside of five months... I'll be honest, I could personally use a lightening of my load.


This will also allow Ethan and I to recharge so that we can prep for a ginormous two-day meet early next year.  We're hoping to invite and attract many manufacturers from around the country, and around the world (Japan, HK, etc.), in order to gather a huge range of gear for all of you to sample. 


In the meantime, there are smaller mini-meets going on all the time.  Don't forget to join the SoCal Head-Fiers Group so that you don't miss out on any of these:  http://www.head-fi.org/groups/show/19/socal-head-fiers-group


And of course, there's always the mothership... CanJam @ RMAF... as well as a few other major events you guys might be interested in around the country.

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We had a great meet yesterday with about 225 in attendance - 150 meet attendees, and 75 exhibitor attendees and guests. Big thanks to all the exhibitors who participated in this event and it was especially great to welcome some new exhibitors doing this type of event for the very first time. The Treasure Hunt Giveaway was loads of fun and we had 18 fabulous prizes that were generously donated by exhibitors for the event. We also had over 30 people come celebrate Warren's Birthday Bash which was such a fun way to top off this event. Happy Birthday Warren and thanks for all that you do to help make these events so great! Wanted to thank all of the meet volunteers especially Terry and Donald who really made for a very smooth flow at the Registration Desk.


And of course, very special thanks to Jude for making the trip out to LA. It's always so great to hang out with the man himself, and whose support for the community is greatly appreciated.
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Save money, park at the park next to the hotel!
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