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HIFIMAN HE-400i touring event is coming.

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  HIFIMAN HE-560 has been released for about a month, and we have shipped thousands of them around the world. has awarded HE-560 with a Blue Moon award, which is the highest award of the In the Chinese market, HE-560 is currently the best-selling hi-end headphone among all other flagship headphone from other companies.


  A lot of people have asked about what’s the best amplification for HE-560. As we all know, impedance and efficiency are the two key factors. The lower the impedance and the higher the efficiency of the headphone, the easier it is to drive. Most hi-end headphones on the market, such as Sennheier HD700/HD800, Beyerdynamic T1 and AKG 801, their flagship headphones have a high impedance, therefore, most portable players cannot drive them very well, and they have to be used with desktop amplifier However, HE-560 has 35 Ohms impedancebut the efficiency is low to 90db/m. High impedance need high voltage, and low impedance needs high current. So the amplifier which are designed for high impedance doesn’t suit HE-560 quite well, and not even better than the portable hifiman players. Though, HE-560 customs must use the amplifier which is designed for low impedance headphones. Hfiman EF6 is a good choice of it. HE-560 paired with EF6 produces a sound that is absolutely natural, balanced and detailed. When paird with EF2A, although it doesn’t have the dynamics and high/low extension as EF6 paring the tone is still warm and smooth, and it is closed with STAX007MK2 with stoked amp in the early days. in the other words, EF2A and HE-560, which is a $1000 combo, is the best value for money around $1000.


HE-400i will be released in the mid August, and will be priced around $500. We are now inviting headfiers to participate in the touring event of HE-400i. If you are interested, please reply below with the equipments you currently have, the music style you prefer, and the reason why you are participating into this activity. HIFIMAN’s customer services will contact you soon and give you more detailed information.


Spots are limited, so sign up now!




Team Hifiman





1. We will each be getting a pair?

Yes, each participant will receive a pair of brand new HE-400i. Currently we limit this to 30 pairs in total.


2. Will they be sent? How long do we each get to demo our unit?

We are preparing the final packaging in the factory right now. Should be able to send all out next week (the week of 8/18.)


3. When that time runs out will the unit be send them back to Hifiman. At our cost or Hifiman's?

Once you have completed evaluating the headphone, the participant is responsible for shipping the headphone back to us. You will get an option (a good one ;-) ) to purchase it if you like. People from southern Asia and Russia will ship it back to our factory in China, and everyone else will ship to our US office.


4. Will be be required to pay custom fees upon receiving the unit?

Yes, although usually i was told it should be very minimum. 


5. May I pass it over to another person for demo purpose?

Absolutely. We encourage everyone to pass it over to your friend or relative who might be interested in getting a taste of great headphone. We just ask that you let us know their information before you do that, so we can properly keep tracking of all the demo units. 


update of return address:

people who are in US need to ship back to this US address

Hua Qi
 2032 S. Orchard St. Apt. B
 Urbana, IL 61801


others who come from outside the US need to ship back to this address

HIFIMAN Customer Service
 ZHANG Yuchun
 #1339 Shuixiu Rd, Yushan county, Kunshan city,
Jiangsu Prov.215311





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Hi, Team, count me as interested! I'm a music fan who uses Headphones currently by sennheiser, NAD, & Grado, through dac's by NuForce and Schiit, and amps by Schiit. Would love to experience the 400i in listening to my rock, folk, jazz, and classical.
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Hello I would like to participate in HE-400i tour. I own a beyerdynamic dt 880/ 600 ohm and a MrSpeakers Alpha Dogs which I run through a old pioneer Reciever, and I am with schiit audio lyr2. I listen to rock, blues, classical, and other musical genres. I listen to music through my headphones to help cope with the pain I am in. I am allergic to almost all pain medication and listening to music really helps me cope, it helps me compartmentalize the pain and forget about it. Please ha e a great day and thanks for bringing going to market two great headphones.
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Hello, I'm really hyped about the new line of headphones you guys are releasing. I'm going to get to demo the HE-560 for a few days relatively soon, and I'd love to get to compare them to the 400i, as well as my current gear. My current main system is Sennheiser's flagship HD800, with a Schiit DAC and amp stack.


I also have a couple mid range closed headphones by AKG and NAD for portable use, as well as an Ibasso DX50 portable player I use with them, which would also be interesting to try the 400i with. I'm especially looking forward to try these with EDM for the big planar bass impact that i'm missing with my current gear, but I also listen to acoustic indie stuff and classical fairly often.

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I'm interested in testing out the new HE400s. I was never really into headphones until I discovered open cans last year. I started with Beyers but wasn't completely sold on the sound. The search for audio excellence stopped once I found the HE-500s. I'm interested to see how the new HE400s compare to my 500s.


Cans: Hifiman HE-500s 

Amp: Icon Audio HP8 MKII

Dac: Jolida FX Glass Dac MK3

Source: PC

Music: acoustic, alternative, electronic, folk, jazz, rock

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Very interested to try new Hifiman He400i, never had planer magnetic headphone, just briefly listened HE400. I was impressed by bass performance however they seemed to be brighter side. Since I heard HE400i shares same planer magnetic technology with its resolution speed and articulation, dynamic headphones often lack, I am waiting HE400i release to experience it myself.  


Equipments I have:


AKG Q701
Beyerdinamic DT880 (600Ohm)
Sennheiser HD580

Sennheiser Amperior
Shure SRH940
Audio-Technica ATH -M30
Audio-Technica ATH-M50
Koss KCS75

AKG K500

Ultimate ears triplefi 10


owned long time hence I am aware how they sound:

Sennheiser HD25 1 II
Sennheiser HD598
Sennheiser HD650
Sennheiser HD558
Sony MDR MA900
Alessandro MS1i
AKG K240 Studio
Audio-Technica M40

I can borrow any time if needed:


Beyerdinamic T1


SR80/SR225/SR325 and custom made

Sennheiser HD650


amps Dacs: Modi O2 ODAC
Audioquest Dragonfly
Fiio E11 E06

Music: Classical, Jazz, and some others from various artists

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I'm a current HE-400 owner/user, and I'd like to hear what all the good reviews are about. I also may be interested in purchasing the 400i if I feel both comfort and sound have improved.

Headphones: HE-400, Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear, B&O H6

Amp: Schiit Vali

DAC: Schiit Modi 

Music: Modern Rock, alternative, acoustic, some hip-hop

EDIT: I live in VA in the US

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I am beyond interested. I live in the lower Hudson Valley (NY) and the closet place I know of to experience Hifiman equipment is AC Gears in lower Manhattan. I had a brief encounter there & loved what I heard. I am in the midst of a search for open headphones to purchase, so participating would be a dream for me.


Currently I own

Headphone Inventory
Shure SRH 840, Beyerdynamic COP, V-Moda M80, Sony MDR ZX-700, Sennheiser HD238, Ultimate ears 4000

Shure 535, Meelectronic 161, TDK BA100, Sony MDR EX 310LP, J-lab J4, Ultimate Ears 500 & Metro-fi 170, Monster Jams, Koss Sparkplug &Ruk30, Urban Ears Kransten, Skullcandy FMJ, Onkyo IE-HF300
Other Audio Equipment
Onkyo M4504/P504 Amp/Preamp, Yamaha RX-V-375 receiver, Fiio X3 Portable music player
Music Preferences
Very eclectic...Instrumental Rock/Fusion, Classic Rock, Jazz, Classical, Acoustic Indie, Folk, "World", Pop, Country


Thanks for the oportunity!!

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Originally Posted by TeamHiFiMAN View Post
HE-400i will be released in the mid August, and will be priced around $500.

Any date for Europe availability?

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I'll volunteer to participate. I'd be the "regular guy" with good ears, who's more interested in the lowest common denominator when it comes to amping. I'll likely want to run these from latest-generation iDevices (incl. MacBook Pro) until I pick up some sort of amp - right now I'm eying Digizoid's new ZOfs. An email from head-direct told me that "It is very easy to drive, even phone can drive it well.", and I'm looking forward to that being the case.


I have been on a headphone journey for some months (thanks head-fi), and I've tried about a dozen consumer-level amps and 'phones including: Shure SRH1540, NAD Viso, AKG K545, V-Moda M100, AT AD900x, etc. The only pair I've decided to own from this new effort is the Beyer DT770 32-ohm. Although I feel there's something special about those, I wouldn't call them my ideal signature (at all). And from what I've read about the HiFiMan's, the 400i could be the ultimate end to my search.


I listen mainly to newer prog rock, hard rock, modern jazz & funk... but my collection includes all manner of stuff.


I'm actually already on the pre-order list at [a popular site here on head-fi], but not sure when they'll actually ship. Maybe the tour will happen faster?

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I'd like to be on the touring event rotation.


I listen to smooth jazz and classic and progressive rock usually through vintage amplifiers like the Pioneer Spec system, SX-1050 and  a few other powerful classic receivers/amps.  Along with that I do some portable listening via a Arrow 3G amp and iPod Classic.


I own an HE-400 and HE-6 - love the HiFiMan sound and am considering stepping up to either the HE-560 or HE-400i so testing them out is important to me as I don't like to buy "sound unheard".  You doing these touring events is not only a great idea but very much appreciated.


I own 10 high end headphones and rotate through using them all, with the HiFiMan units above competing with my Denon collection for head time. 

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I have varied musical tastes. Opera, Classical 60s, 70s, 80 Rock. Blues Jazz, etc. Etc.

I currently have the HE 400s, HD 580, 600 and 650, Fidelio X1, and several others.

Also own re400 and RE600 IEMs for portable.

I have O2/ ODAC, JDS C5D, Fiio X3, E12, E17

 Sunrise III, Horizon II, and Geek Out 1000 among others.

I have been watching closely the 560 and 400i release processes..

I would really like to try the 400i for myself.



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My taste in music is pretty big and I am not tied to a specific genre. I like to listen to Classical, Swing, Jazz, Rock, Metal, Techno/Trance ... etc.

The headphones I currently own are: Hifiman HE400, Sennheiser HD650, Beyerdynamic DT 770 and 990 PRO, German Maestro Audio GMP 8.35D and the Ultrasone HFI 580.

The amplification is handled by a Little Dot MKIII which can be run with severeal different configurations of tubes that I own. Including some EF91's, but mostly EF95.

I use my Asus Xonar Essence STX as source and DAC with LME49720NA opamps. I also own a Pro-Ject DAC Box S and a Onkyo TX-NR 509 which has a headphone out.

Since I am only 20 years of age you might want to let a younger pairs of ears listen to them.

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I would like to join

Beyerdynamic DT880

Denon D600


Sennhieser Momentum



Music Preference: Metal(Prog and Death), Jrock,Jpop,Female Vocals, Electronica, Classic Rock, Hip Hop.

The Reason I would like top participate is so I can, have a chance to listen to and compare it too other leading market headphone in the same price range.

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CANS: HiFiMan HE-500; MrSpeakers Maddog Pro; Sennhieser 600; AKG 702


AMPS/ DACS: Schiit Lyr; Objective 02/ODAC; Schiit Modi




MUSIC: Jazz (Bird to James); Classical (Bach to Shostakovitch); Heavy Metal (Metallica to Mastodon)


I am interested in listening to great music through great cans. Like the best wines, great cans reveal the many layers of music: whatever the genre.

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