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We have an official announcement about some defective packages in the first shipping of Al tone200.

We apologize for any inconvenience and disappointing members. We posted this problem and your action on Official Sales Threads

at 4 days ago but after sending the replaceable packages again we announce on Sponsor announcements and deals officially. 

The replaceable earphones shipped at Aug.1st, and we inform detailed situation and the way of your action for guidance that you can be decide it correctly.


1.  How to decide defective earphone


     It's drop down -6 db  at  500 Hz ~ 1 kHz (see below FR chart) , in this case you can feel that it has imbalance and

     one earpiece has low mid-base, sometimes there's both defective earpieces, in this case you can feel it immediately

     because it sounds a little.     


LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01     


2.  How to ask to exchange it


     You can email to and send the defective earphone to following address with 

     its symptom and email us amount of shipping fee. Then after checking,  If it's right defective one,

     we send a new another normal one and also pay the fee to your pay pal account, otherwise we will ask to you

     the shipping fee. 


     - Company name :   T-PEOS CO.LT

     - Address : B-Dong 201 NiSi Building

                      49 Gil 20 Yangcheon-Lo, Kangseo-Gu,Seoul,157-200.Korea

     - Post number : 157-200

     - Person in charge of CS : Ms. Booja, Kim

     - Tel : 82-2-2659-7009

     - Email :


3. Etc.


   - Someone who received a exchanged earphone said the new one has more good quality and impression but

     he don't know our producing processing, we are saying that's only placebo effect.



Again we are so sorry about this and hope your understanding.





Thank you,



CEO Ben Hur

Sales Manager Sunggoo Kwon /