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I bought a custom cable from Thaddy. Communication was prompt and shipment was fast.
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I bought a Signalcable SPDI/F Digital Coax cable from Thaddy. Cable arrived quickly and in great shape. Thaddy was a pleasure to deal with, and I'd do so again.
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Bought a beautiful SignalCable from Thaddy. Excellent communication and I'll definitely buy from him again!
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Thaddy sold me his HTS 3500. Great communication and very fast to ship. An ultra smooth transaction from begining to end. Thanks!
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Bought some vibrapods from Zack, shipped quickly and overall a really nice guy. Thanks!
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awesome transaction w/thaddy! woooo thanks for the deal!
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Longest feedback thread I've ever seen, and he lives up to it big time. Great Head-Fi member; honest, forthcoming, and friendly. thanks T!

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After too-long an absence from Head-Fi, Zack is back, and picking up where he left off. I answered his WTB for a pair of headphones that I happened to own, an a PM or two later, they were on their way to him. Decisive, quick paying, great communication - all the hallmarks of a great transaction & a great Head-Fier. I'd buy/sell with him again in an instant.


Welcome back, man!

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Bought a cord from me- zero issues. Enjoy.

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This time I bought something from Zack. Due to the post office's foibles, the package suffered some dings & bruises along the way. However, because Zack took the extra time to pack the box for a drop from an airplane at 35,000ft, the contents arrived perfectly. Thanks for another easy transaction, and for the great packing job.

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