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For Sale:
Senn HD280 with removable cable, Modded T50RP with HM 5 pads, Sieveking Sound Stand

Will Ship To: Canada + CONUS only

Been away from buying gear for so long I don't even know what to ask. :confused:


Buyer to pay actual shipping costs and PP fees. Everything was placed in storage for the past 6 months - 1 year..


North America ONLY, thanks.


Pictures depending on interest and upon request


Modded HD 280 - Used under 5 hours, modded with 3.5mm jack. Like-new condition otherwise. Comes with Monoprice cable and original coiled cable if you have any use for it. $80??


Modded T50RP - I forgot what I even did, I think it was a variation of the Rastapants. These sound clean and slightly bright. Not basshead phones. Less than 5 hours use by me. Second owner. I don't know how many hours on the drivers, but IIRC the first owner used them for less than 50. Comes with HM5 pads, might want to tape them on since they look like they might slip off if you're not careful. Also comes with Shure 840 pads. Has Mr Speaker's comfort straps, stealth stickers, and V moda cable. I guess I decked it out and never used it. $150?? Looking more for parts cost I guess.


Walnunt Sieveking Sound Omega Stand - You know what these are. Like-new, not the ones from Massdrop. You get what you paid for I guess. Comes with box and bag. $130??

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