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Help with the plug

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I own JVC HA-FXT90 and about a year ago had to replace the 3.5 plug with this gold/metal one.  Took many attempts to solder the wires but it finally worked and cables inside a really secure.  Recently I started having problem with the sound cutting in/out of one or both ear pieces. Turns out its not the cable or connection inside the plug and its the metal that goes inside aux out. Twisting the plug clock/counter-clock wise fixes it temporarily. 


This has become too annoying to even use these wonderful headphones.  Is there anything I can do to the metal part of the plug (use sandpaper?) before I attempt to attempt to replace the plug which I would hate doing given how intricate the process is.  

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try deoxit red to clean then gold to finish

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Thank you. Seems like Deoxit has several products, is there a difference between the Deoxit Red and just regular?


This is the one I find when searched:

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two choices which will cover many uses. second choice has fader lube and shield.

plugs/connectors will develop grey-black grease over time so cleaning can really help along with protection after.

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Thank you, this is very helpful. Think I am going to try the second options and hope it will fix the issue.

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