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the supplied driver and the one on chaintech's website is very old... via does not have Envy24HT driver for download; they recommend to use the manufacturers'... tho they do have Envy24

are you guys using the Envy24 drivers for it? Envy24GT? Envy24HT-SJCSDMFLDSJF?

also, how do you get to the 2-channel high-res mode? there is no special sound controller software provided on the CD
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Use the one for the PT. The one at Via's website has a bug where the volume control will only work for one channel in some circumstances, the latest driver that doesn't have this problem is the 1.43d driver available here.
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Originally Posted by Earwax
I beleive Computer Geeks http://compgeeks.com/ ships overseas.
Thanks 'wax, they certainly do, although shipping seems to cost a fortune (considering the price of the card) if I order only one.

Maybe I should try to arrange a group buy...
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McRat: Remember that if you arrange a group buy, you will have to pay customs duty + tax when importing the stuff (and fetch the stuff from the customs and probably pay some handling fees too).
If you order just one, the price will most probably stay low enough to avoid the extra costs (if the duty + tax for the shipment is lower than 10€ it's not charged).
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