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Recommendations on Fun, Bassy, cool looking IEMs...

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My trusty sammy OEMs lost sound in the left bud last week, looking for IEMs preferably under $100... I Keep a pair of Sennheiser HD598s for my audiophile needs which I bought a few months back and absolutely love (planning to upgrade to the HD600s soon). However, I'm looking for something just for fun purposes now. Something really cool looking with that overpowered low end 'oomph', in other words looking for the best 'anti-598s' :tongue:... Sorta have a limited choice b/w Razers, Skullcandies and Steelseries', though can import. The Hammerhead pros are at the top of my list atm (hurr, gaming phones. I know but according to the 'advertising' the bass response seems promising), other choices are the Steelseries Flux and the Skullcandy Titans, Ink'd, e.tc collection...



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Go for some Brainwavz S5s, I think you will like them a lot. They are a very good performer for its price, one of the nice sounding IEMs under $100. 

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Hmm... Never heard of them before. Looked 'em up, They cost $99. Getting it shipped and all will cost me around $30 more, also they look sort of 'meh', not bad though. Are they worth the extra as compared to the razers? ($80 vs. ~$130)

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Theres the xiaomi piston 2 from penon audio

rha ma 750

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The RHAs are a bit too pricey, liking the piston 2s though, look great and only 25 bucks... sweet. but are they a better choice over the hammerheads? (both will cost me the same as I'd have to get the pistons from overseas)


Also, how are these?


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Yeah, I'm they are awesome for the money. I wouldn't judge them by how they look.
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Beyerdynamic XP 50ie are very bass heavy, but not muddy and still have clear treble. I've been using them on my commute for a little over a month, and they are a great value for the sound quality.


If you need controls for your phone, there is a version that's a little more expensive.
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I just picked up a set of the ZH-DX210 Carbo Basso IEM's after the hype train that started over on Reddit.  I can honestly say I'm glad I did.  Here's the thread here on Head-Fi about them  




They are wrapped in carbon fiber which to me is extremely cool looking from a vanity perspective.  The sound though is where they shine.  I'm not a crazy bass head but I do really like the thump and these have a very tight, non-muddy, punchy bass that just makes you smile.  The greatest part is that bass doesn't cloud the rest of the sound spectrum.  The sound stage is super wide for an IEM and the vocals are crystal clear.  I was listening to a few songs and heard some things I'd never heard before which really surprised me.  I also own the VSonic GR-07 and feel they match them blow for blow but with more low end.  Highly recommended IMO and I picked them up on Amazon for $50 shipped from Japan.  

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