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So after a terrible accident, the left yoke (C-Bracket) on my vintage SR-60s finally broke (snapped in two).


I was wondering how I might be able to obtain a replacement yoke. I read on other threads that Grado sent replacement yokes for free.


Another question I had was how I would install a new yoke on my SR-60 once it arrived. To my knowledge, the metal rod is permanently inserted into the yoke and cannot be removed. It appears the only way to install a new yoke would be to insert the rod through the plastic end at the end of the headband, but I can't do this without first removing the black rubber (plastic?) nub at the end of the rod. I tried doing this with my broken yoke, but I can't seem to remove the rubber end nub.


I took a picture, but I can't insert pictures on Head-Fi yet (I can't even change my profile picture), so here's a link of the picture I uploaded to Google Drive: