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For Sale: Westone ES5

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For Sale:
Westone ES5

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hey Headfi!


I've been recently doing some IEM shopping and am trying to fund a new flagship so I decided to put up my Westone ES5's up for sale. 


The IEMS are in perfect condition and come with the original case, cable, ear oil solution, cleaning tool, and cleaning cloth!


I'm looking for $450  $440 $435 shipped OBO, please feel free to PM me offers or questions (I'm looking for JH13 Freqphases).


Thanks for looking!

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I personally prefer the es5. The sound is very balanced and doesn't try to overemphasize the bass, mids, and highs but still manages to produce unbelievable microdetailing. It doesn't image quite as well as my jh13s but the sound signature is definitely more enjoyable. I hope that helps you!
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No problem! Thanks for looking! 

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