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RockJaw TMJ

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RockJaw Muse



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Rock Jaw: Fissure 10.0.
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Powerful, strong, destroys everything in its way, creator of solid rock, etc.

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RockJaw Mutatio!
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RockJaw Ukko


Ukko is the supreme god in Finnish folklore; also means grumpy old man. Since its fashionable to dip into nordic mythologies to name your stuff, why not name it something badass?

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Rock Jaw Passion Classic - Ebony Wood

Rock Jaw Passion Allure - Aluminium


Passion was used based on your company's story background, as a company created by music lovers for music lovers with no compromise on quality while maintaining an affordable price for all music lovers.

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Rock Jaw Amplexus


Latin for improve, enlarge, increase

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Rock Jaw - PINNACLE hybrid earphones


This IEM is the culmination of tireless work and testing.

It represents the high point of your achievements and is "all the IEM you will ever need." - It is the PINNACLE IEM.


Stoked to see the pictures. Thanks for this opportunity.

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RockJaw BedRock

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Rock Jaw Blackout - for the use of ebony in its construction.

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The Rock Jaw Hydra

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Rockjaw Kommand


Kontrol has a certain "authority" feel to it, so since this will be the replacement model I figure it should have the same aura.

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Welp how about the Rock Jaw Hybrid_fuse since it's a....



So this new model is designed very differently, using our 8mm dynamic rather than the 11mm we had used before and a all new designed balanced armature and a new configuration to reduce the shell size. We have also added detachable cables and ear-hooks so they can be used for almost any occasion. We will also be including 3 tuning filters to change from clear, neutral and enhanced bass.


The construction will be Ebony wood and Aluminium.




Or a similar play on the idea above maybe the Rock Jaw Fusione since....

 The idea is that this new product should be all the IEM you will ever need.



I know the rules say one name but those two names are of the same idea with just a slightly different take on it. The words fuse/fusion/hybrid have a similar meaning in that it is basically taking two or more different elements and joining them together to make something that is not only coherent and cohesive but superior as well.  If I am not mistaken the fusion of ideas between head-fiers and Rock Jaw is how these IEMs came about, so it's pretty fitting. :  )


So it's your pick and what's more beautiful than.....

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)



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