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Name our latest soon to be released product from ROCK JAW

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We are in the throes of finishing our latest product which will replace the Kontrol in the coming months.


We decided that after much feedback that we wanted to take this new product in a different direction and follow on from what we had learnt from the Alfa Genus.


So this new model is designed very differently, using our 8mm dynamic rather than the 11mm we had used before and a all new designed balanced armature and a new configuration to reduce the shell size. We have also added detachable cables and ear-hooks so they can be used for almost any occasion. We will also be including 3 tuning filters to change from clear, neutral and enhanced bass.


The construction will be Ebony wood and Aluminium.


We will show you all some pictures very very soon.


The idea is that this new product should be all the IEM you will ever need.


So we have all been butting heads in the office over names and its now decided that we would like you guys to do the naming for us. You've given is so much so far, so lets have something named by you guys.


The winner will get the 1st production unit and this will be numbered 01 and can have your name or user name engraved on it.


So here is what will happen.


Each member will have until the 6th August 2014 to come up with just 1 name. We hope that the name will have some smarts about it and have some relevance to what we do, but this will be your choice.




Here are the rules


1. Must have at least 50+ forum posts to enter.

2. Must have been a forum member for 6 months +

3. Once your name is chosen and posted, you cannot edit your post.

4. There will be NO exceptions to the above rules

5. ROCK JAW will decide the winning name


Good luck





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Rock Jaw Titan :rolleyes:

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RockJaw Carbon
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RockJaw Leo

Leo stands for independent, strong, leader
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Horoscope came into my mind suddenly. Sorry frown.gif
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RockJaw Phoenix

Mainly because of the change implemented to the original Kontrol - this is like a rebirth
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Rockjaw Delta


because of all the reasons that Brooko already stated, and because I think it should win, and because Brooko should get the prize if it wins, and I know I'll happily hand it over if it does win even though he went with one of his other suggestions.

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Ok, this'll be a bit pretentious:

Rockjaw Ascendo

I'm fairly sure you can guess what it's Latin for
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"RockJaw Domination"


I'm kind of going off where as you said that these will be replacing the Kontrol and I thought, instead of being in "Kontrol", how about in total domination since as you also said that the idea is that these will be the only (or all the) IEM you will ever need.

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[ rock " super/solid " jaws ] or jumble these words .


 simple and solid . easy to swallow and goes with the aluminium and ebony construction too .

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Rock Jaw Omega.


If you took upon the Alfa Genus, and say that it's the only IEM you'll need, why not the ultimate?

Omega is, of course, the final letter in the Greek alphabet, with Alpha being the first.

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One and Only.


The one you will ever need.

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The word accord started with the Greek small letter Alpha and a o with a slash just to change it up. According to Wikipedia, The English word chord derives from Middle English cord, a shortening of accord[8] in the original sense of agreement and later, harmonious sound. The word Chord also connotes notes played simultaneously which translates well to this IEM combining dynamic, BA, organic and metal components to create the harmonious sound. The use of the small Greek letter Alpha pays homage to the original Alfa from Alfa-Genus.

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RockJaw Konquer


since it's replacing Kontrol. :D

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Rock Jaw 8

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