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For Sale:
Audeze "Steampunk" Style Cushion. Only 1 Prototype Pad Remains. Selling for Cost Price + Shipping

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have 5   4   3   2  




prototype premium leather hand-made velcro strap style head cushion that fix the crown pain/hot spot some experience over extended use. Uniform latex cushion right along the hot spot.

I'm not sure if any more will be made.


I'm selling the lot out at cost price + tracked shipping just to free up some cash as I need to pay my cable builder for a large batch of stuff asap for my headphones. The dimensions are meant for the bigger LCD-2.2/3, LCD-X , LCD-XC but also fit the older smaller width headbands with no leather.


Please PM and I'll send one off by tracked mail asap.

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