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For Sale: FS: OPPO HA-1

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:

Will Ship To: CONUS

Mint condition, no scratches or blemishes. Works perfectly. All original accessories, packaging materials. Only has about a dozen hours of use. I'm selling because I prefer some of the features of my Grace m920 DAC/AMP, which is twice the cost. The HA-1 is a phenomenal unit that sounds superb and has gotten a lot of press. See here for specs:




See here for owners' thread:




Buyer pays shipping. It weighs a lot and is bulky, so shipping will be expensive... I estimate $60-$100 for Fedex Ground (including insurance/signature and the required double-boxing). So if you can pick up locally, that would be preferred. I'm in 94087. I have no feedback but I'm active on the board and attended the 2014 SF Head-Fi meet, so I like to think I'm a known quantity at this point.


As a bonus if you are willing to pick up locally, I'll sell you a pair of semi-busted Beyer DT770-Pro 80 ohm for $25. They are about 8 years old but have brand-new cups/headband. They are semi-busted because the right driver has the dreaded 150hz "Beyer buzz". Supposedly due to a hair that made it past the felt, but I've tried all the board suggestions with no luck, and the cans are not worth enough for me to send anywhere for repair. Otherwise they are in good physical shape. If you are patient enough to disassemble them past the point where I deemed it worth my while, I'm sure they are fixable.

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hallo , how much do you want??

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Originally Posted by anisetta View Post

hallo , how much do you want??


Lol, this got sold 4 months ago. I don't understand why the forum software even allows posts to closed classified threads.

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ok, sorry.

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