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My review is up : http://www.head-fi.org/products/tekfusion-twinwoofers/reviews/11420

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Originally Posted by Brooko View Post

My review is up : http://www.head-fi.org/products/tekfusion-twinwoofers/reviews/11420


WOW I AM NOT WORTHY!!! :beerchug:

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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I'm kind of interested to see how others view them - especially as I don't have a lot of other IEMs in their price range to compare.  Have to admit I was pleasantly surprised overall - not a bad sounding IEM - just not matched to my personal preferences.

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When did you received them? That was fast! Gonna read it now popcorn.gif
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Last Monday.  I had to accelerate listening and review time as I have a huge schedule next couple of weeks - Presentations, Board Meetings and other assorted 'real world' commitments.

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Form Follows Function: Tekfusion Twinwoofer


... Never ever never ever judge a book by the cover?!.


First off as one of the head-fiers selected to review the Twinwoofer IEM, I would like to thank Tekfusion for giving me this opportunity. Like many, I have never heard of Tekfusion prior to their "Reviewers Wanted" thread here at head-fi, but since I am always curious to hear new gears from different brands I applied to be one of the reviewers (plus it doesn't hurt to get free review samples to play with :). From what little information I was able to gather on these Twinwoofer IEMs my expectations of them weren't really that high to be honest because they seem to be your conventional consumer variety that is bass heavy and is not much to write home about and the "Twinwoofer" naming scheme sure didn't help with that cause either. Anywho now that I got that preface out of the way, lets get down to the sonic nitty gritty of these Twinwoofers shall we....


Tekfusion Twinwoofers: (Click to show)


So how do these Twinwoofers sound??? Upon initial listen with the included medium stock tips they seem to confirm my preconceived notions more than not. The bass was bloated and boomy which was pretty intrusive of the rest of the sonic spectrum. In other words their bloated bass quantity bleeds into their mid-range as well as their treble making these sound like your typical garden variety cheapo bass heavy IEMs you can find in many consumer stores. But upon more careful listening and going through my test tracks I was able to hear some potential, especially in the mid-range of these Twinwoofers. Their narrow bore stock tips was of poor generic quality and seems to have constricted their sound making them even more bassy than they actually are, therefore I did a good amount of tip changing or "rolling" as we like to call it in this hobby. Lo and behold my gut feeling of changing these to wider bore tips (in order to liberate and de-congest their sound) was right on the money. Not only did wider bore tips opened up their sound further allowing the mids and treble to come forward but it also made the bass less bloated and boomy sounding. These are still very bassy IEMs no ifs or buts about it but their overall sonic balance is much better with wider bore tips such as the Triple-fi 10 tips I used. As always I also put them through the paces of burning these in as well, and their bass did seem to have settled down some with more burn-in, but it wasn't really a night and day difference for these Twinwoofers.


Now that these Twinwoofers have been properly seasoned and cooked thoroughly via tip rolling and burn-in how do they truly sound???  Surprising as I have documented here, these Twinwoofers have a pretty forward and clear mid-range, which was able steal some of the spot light from their bass quantity. This is a very good thing in my book because it not only challenged and somewhat shattered my preconceived notion of these being your conventional bass only IEMs but it also shows that these Twinwoofers has got some nice potential if they are further fine tune these. We might get a really good sounding IEM that is able do their entire sonic spectrum justice and not just the bass if the sonics of these are further refined. After a couple of weeks of burn-in and with wide bore tips the bass quantity is not nearly as intrusive or as obnoxious as it was the case with their stock narrow bore tips during my initial out-of-the-box 1st impressions. This allowed their mids and treble to come forward resulting in a better balance across the sonic spectrum, though bass is still the dominant player. The bass is very ample in quantity but quality wise even though it reaches pretty deep into the sub bass regions, it is of a softer variant. Impact and slam is there but it not as tight as it could be so it gives a sense that it is bloated and uncontrolled. There is not much texture to the bass nor are there great depth which further adds to its boomy quality. Although the mid-range clarity and presence is a lot better than before with good forwardness, it is still lacking in resolution, 3Dness and definition hence there is not much lushness or great micro-detailing to their overall sound. The treble has decent presence and extension and it is never bright, harsh nor sibilant but there is no sparkly or shimmering or even smoothness to it which you would commonly associate with very well tuned/ refined sounding gears. The overall soundstaging and imaging of these Twinwoofers is a bit hazy with a slight veil which makes the overall sound not very clear. The sound projection also feels a bit distant like the sound is somewhat coming to you from far away instead of that 3D sense where it surrounds/submerges/envelopes you and your senses.


Therefore, all in all when you take these qualities into context, these Twinwoofer has more of a bass and mid-range emphasis, with the treble/highs lacking behind a bit. Even thought their mids have good forwardness and presence it is lacking in refined qualities such as lushness, resolution, and definition. Therefore combined with a bass that has great quantity but lacks tightness, depth as well as texture with a somewhat distant/ veiled presentation is what is holding these Twinwoofers back from a truly great sounding IEM. For the current $50 MSRP I can not recommend these due to the fact that in that price range there are many heavy hitters which bests these Twinwoofers today. But at their original MSRP of $18 or so, they would have been a good recommendation because of their very nice mids for a bassy headphone, unlike your typical "V" shape sound with a sucked out mid-range.


It is true that one should not judge a book solely by its cover, or in this case the name of these "Twinwoofer" because they are not just all bass with zero substance as I was glad to be proven wrong. Even though I would not say these are extremely dark nor warm, they are nonetheless very bassy IEMs just as I had expected them to be and as the "woofer" aspect of their naming scheme also suggested. From personal experience though the shape, size and design of most IEMs often hints at how they normally sound/ perform in that IEMs with large housings are typically more bassy while smaller IEMs are more balanced with less bass quantity. These Tekfusion Twinwoofer seems to fit my observation in that its bass heavy sound is the result of their long and big tube-like housing, hence its form follows its sound/function and vice versa.


Form Follows Function > Judge Book By The Cover.


miscellaneous: (Click to show)
With the narrow bore stock tips these Twinwoofers has really good passive isolation and I would say it is well above average, but there is also more driver flex due to the vacuum seal. With wider bore tips such as the Triple-fi 10 tips isolation is decreased a bit but there is a less driver flex. For me there is no doubt they sound a lot better with wider bore tips due to a better balance of the sonics mainly due to the reduction and better control of the bass quantity. Due to the light weight of their housing and round/smooth shape, ergonomics are actually very good, despite their housing seems overly long and a bit large. The housing of these Twinwoofers is made of metal and has surprisingly good in built quality as well.

The cable is a bit thin and rubbery though, but it is suffice for these IEMs same could be said of the 3.5mm jack. Packaging and accessories are not going to blown you away as it is pretty spartan but adequate. One cloth pouch, 2 sets of triple flange tip (M/L), 3 sets of narrow bore single flange tips (S/M/L).

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right, its taken a while due to non audio events but it is finally done and up.



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I have bought tekfusion twinwoofers!

After using m50x, m70x, r40, stax sr2, ultrasone edition5 and samson sr950

I have professionaly tested these

Equipment:iFi audio iDAC2(dac),iFi audio iPurifier2(usb bus), iFi iUSB3.0(usb line filter), iFi gemeni cable

Test sample:tekfusion twin woofers

Twinwoofers vs philips she 3850, jvc fx45, jvc fx101, soundmagic pl30(clear bass)

Using twinwoofers with triflange tips as normal tips are the crappiest, and wore over the ear with shirt clip to reduce microphonics to minimum

Twinwoofers have pretty decent signature but they create resonance sorta bass(humping bass which effects the sound spectrum).....the mids are are vieled to very small level(most people will see it as normal sound), treble has little higher db at 2.5khz and 4.2khz(higher mids) and most people see it as treble).. the airy treble is present but 40% is overpowered by humping bass.....

As signature, they are not wide, they are engaging and pretty congested...in your ears sorta sound with a lot of punch

Philips she 3850 are more balanced in terms, but inefficient in imaging, sound looks great on 2D axis, but lack lustur on engaging and seperation.

Jvc fx45(ipfrade of jvc fx40) uses reinvented carbon diaphgram, which somehow absorbs the shouting treble in fx40, but warning! Please burn them for 80hrs min...they are bright jizzy and very large on 2D axis and okayish on seperation and image.....tekfusions has better department in image(not seperation because of bass).

Nowhere near bass but the bass dont bleed....that i like. Tightness is good, but elevated full treble(2.4khz to 20khz)ruins the music. They are too much exited earphones like fx40/45

Soundmagic pl30(clear bass)
Why i dint use deep bass switch is because they have near same signature then...
Pl30 are somehow legend in soundscape(3D 360 coverage), soundimage(property of instrument), soundstage(seperation of instrument) but lacks the department of soundbody...
They sound pretty thin in comparsion to twinwoofers fullbodied sound...
In layman language pl30 are analytical whereas twinwoofers are musical
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Ok now i will tell why many people hear treble and many not

As our ear canal are twisted and not straight, it amplify the range of 6khz to 7.6khz significantly, this creates treble to shine but some ear sparkle.

To remove this sparkling, download onkyo hf player on android as it has full control eq(ff eq) and increase treble from 2134khz to 9445khz and then make a dip on 5kz/-7db and move it in between 2134khz to 9445khz.

By this we get elevated treble but rather flat signature(no harshness)

This will solve tekfusion issue just elevate whole treble by 5db and remove treble resonance by -4db to -7db

For bass, it is mid bass bloat with low bass hump, so increase 50hz a bit and reduce 60hz by -3db. Then elevate a little(to 0db) on 100hz and then -4db to 230hz. And then make the mids to 1db(from 300hz to 1.9hz)
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Test2 (all eq to flat)
Twinwoofer(burned 80hrs plus eq to flattest) vs gr06,klipsh s4, klipsh x10, ue900, senhiesser momentum in ear

Gr06 is reputable iem, and i respect them..hard panned signature and no bloat, but the twinwoofers are no less... these now have negligible bump(no hump) on bass which makes the sound flat and exiting and image better. Gr06 here can put more volume(non eq) where twinwoofers were made to have a reduction of 2db from whole spectrum so that it goes to maximum performance. Here gr06 goes louder and louder whereas twinwoofers go controling and controling.

Klipsh s4 mkII are bass extended and are too deep, whereas twinwoofers are just okay... when soundstaging, a total win for twins but bass and engagement with tight control, s4 are monster....there image is like vsonic true timbre response, just near true to reality whereas twins are analytical and more of source dependent(mp3 vs flac)

Ue900 are no compromise in ears and i didnt take cheaper triple fi as it ue900 have near same response to the tuned twins(we know triple fi is also better than twins)
Ue900 made the twins cry but are too expensive. The details were top notch on ue and twins were 1/8 of it. Just flat signature, ue900 were adaptive(cool, neutral and warm according to the music) where twins were near neutral warm all the time.

Sen momentum in ear are smae as tekfusion with tighter bass...each and every thing is same..we can say same driver with high precision calculation.
Everything sounded same, just the bass seems to be in control in 3D axis(waterfall graph) making sound punch and deep..
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Test3(fancy test)

Twinwoofers(burned 100hrs and eq to flattest possible) vs urbeats, powerbeats2,munitio nines, monster clarity HD, monster turbine pro,bose ie2, bose sound true, vmoda zn, pioneer cx5

Urbeats are plain stupid thing u r stuffing.. bloated and distorted bass, smooth but veiled mids and biting trebles, yeah they look good but twins look classy here.

Powerbeats have smae sort of bass signature, veiled mids and over sharpened treble... for sports our ear structure open and closes, creating variable treble pitch....so powerbeats for gym, but tekfusion can also be done over the ear, so no problem
Tekfusion wins

Munitio nines are thunder god, man the bass extension goes so well with bass elevation that there is no bloat, but yeah... thunder. The bass gives the person creeps. Mids are well done and treble beyond 11khz is little bit veiled. Twin doest have this bass but the sound from 10mm driver seems small against the nines. Seperation and driver diaphragm signature(even flat tuning, the material of driver start giving physical sound like thickness and width) are far superior in twins

Monster clarity HD have jvc fx45 like sound in even more control.. sound is thin but very large(3D) than twins. Twins still engage even after flatting it down. Monster clarity have weak bass.

Monster turbine pro are twins on adrenaline, ok... not on adrenaline but are monsters on rampage. Mids are well blended and smooth, treble lacks lusture but are detailed and bass is thundering yet control.. this is tekfusion, now take this all on higher loudness with little bit more coldness... this is monster turbine pro

Bose ie2 sound signature is good or even better than tekfusion due to openess but gets ****ed because of zero isolation(no bass)

Bose sound true sounds same as cowon ek2 with more smoothness. So tekfusion are better in mid smoothing and engaging terms. Bose sound true are best on 2D but lacks the depth.

Vmoda zn....guys no competition here, zn are clear winner and are dangerous to even talk about... i am scared but those monsters.. dont ever buy zn if u are watching horror or playing call of duty with it. You will regret it. They are too much of deep bass and yet super clear mids and treble with ultra smoothness..... i was playing the age old doom 3 with EAX truHD sound emulation on my test setup on nightmare difficulty, and what happened was i peed a little due to horrofic zombie sound. Okay zn are best of bunch and they look fancy too... so included them here

Pioneer cx5 are lesser distortion and far more superior in playing more instruments, so tekfusion are little behind...whereas signature of driver are superior than cx5
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