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Sennheiser Momentum on-ear vs over-ear?

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Hi, I'm looking to buy my first >$100 headphones and narrowed down to Sennheiser Momentum.


The only problem is I don't know if over-ear is worth spending $100 more.


I'm not sure about comfort either because people say the earpads are too small to be truly over-ear comfort or something.


Is the sound quality different?

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Hey starstorm,


I haven't spent that much time with the Momentum On-Ears, but I've been using my over-ears for about a year now... I'm in the camp that the ear cups really are too small for long listening sessions. In that regard, I'd consider them both to be on-ears, with the smaller, lighter (and cheaper) model being more comfortable. Not as good of a seal, but a little better for comfort.


As for sound, I'm pretty confident they're fairly different internally. The over-ears sound better to me, and I think they've got nicer stuff inside, but I haven't done my homework on the on-ears to say definitively what's different. 


For me, the ear cups really are just too small to wear for long sessions comfortably. The Momentums are, IMO, the most attractive and probably the best sounding "Lifestyle" headphones on the market, but I'd say there might be better options out there. 


I'm no expert myself, but I'd be curious to know what made you pick the Momentums. What kind of music do you listen to? When/where do you see yourself using them, and for how long? Likely someone more experienced can help prescribe something for you if we know these things.


Hope this helps.


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Hi starstorm,

I do not own either of these but I have tried both of these for a few minutes at a nearby Best Buy. The over ear surely has a much better soundstage and details than the on-ear, the difference is so much that I could tell after only few minues of listening. The over ear is definitely worth extra $100. If you have a few Best Buy stores nearby just check their inventory online, you might find a store that may have them available for listening.

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I bought both.

The "on" has more of a V sig and can feel a bit clamping with extended wear. Stretch them out and they feel better. V sig means mids/vocals are less pronounced so ideal for EDM (no vocals) and top 40 (whatever they're singing about, who cares, lol). They also leak sound so others can hear your music and you can somewhat hear your surroundings unless you listen at a high volume. They come with velour pads.

On the other hand, the "over" have a more balanced signature, feel more *comfortable with extended listening, and isolate better. They come with leatherette pads, and have a pivoting jack, great for ports exiting the bottom like late iPhones (whereas the "on" are straight plug which might make it difficult in a case).


Even though the "over" are considered circuma, the pads are small, say vs. HD598s that completely go around even big ears and can feel comfortable for very long sessions. 

My kid uses the "on", and given the preference, I use the "over".

*Neither I would use for extended listening.


A group buy site had the "on" for $110US recently. The "over" were $199 last fall (I'm in Canada).


If you decide and go "on", I can tell you Amperiors sound better, have those too. They just don't look fancy like the Moms.

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I, too, thought long and hard about the two, and eventually went for the over ears. After an hour, they started to pinch the tips of my ears. I have reading glasses, which could have contributed. The other thing I noticed was the bass, which to me was too heavy.
Ended up with the B&O H6, again an over ear, but much more comfortable, and I have to say, more balanced, and neutral. For years I had looked at B&O as beautiful design, but not great sound. Seems to have changed, because they sound great. Just wish they were more "available"!
Hope that helps a bit.
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If ones ears are too big for wearing the over-ears over the ear, is there a big difference in feeling and comfort? I'm thinking about getting the over-ears but my ears didn't fit inside the cups when I tried them out.

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Depends if comfort is a paramount factor.

Also, if they're not truly circumaural on you, they may not sound as intended. 

My gut feeling if I was you is don't get them, but that's ultimately your decision.

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