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Before finalizing purchases this week on my new upgrades, (finally saved up some dough) with the search function not working again, I decided to start up a thread to finalize a lot of questions that are usually floating around on the subject, since I am also purchasing the emu 1212m, a lot of people always ask these questions, so I will just get it out there.

I'm upgrading from my m-audio revo, I believe it will definetly be worthwhile upgrade.

I'm upgrading my cable, I use a zu pivot, I am still not sure if I should buy a mini -> dual rca -> rca -> mono 1/4" jack adapters, would the y-splitter (mini-dual rca) reduce signal quality at all? I know adapters have little to no effect, but there will be a short piece of cable for changing the stereo mini to rca.

Or should I go with a already made RCA -> dual 1/4" like ones supplied on and sell my pivot?

Also, if anyone suggests, would purchasing a stand alone CDP, along the lines of say NAD 542 be a much wiser upgrade? A lot of my music IS on CD, but even more is on my computer, ripped to lossless formats, and a large enough high quality collection of mp3/lossless that I have downloaded, I have demo'd the 542 in store, it does sound great, but how does one compare a soundcard like the emu 1212m to a cdp in a store? lol. Still waiting for some comparisson reviews between the emu and some decent CDPs out there. Anyone done so yet?

Thanks, I just really want my money best spent, of course.