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Hello All,


I recently bought for dirt cheap a couple of 80 watt full speakers from the 1980s. They are Sherwood S-2080s. They have a 10 inch woofer, a 5 inch mid and a 2 inch tweeter. I recently noticed that I never hear the mid when I put my ear up to either speaker. I can hear woofer and tweeter clearly. However when I have run the tests on youtube where you can run your speakers through the sound checks starting at low bass  and extending up to higher frequencies , it does not skip any sounds nor does it buzz or anything. It is just silent when music is playing. Is it because the mids are not as active as the bass and tweeters and it only seems dead? I mean if it was dead it would have failed the frequency test right? I was expecting the mids to have clear sound coming out more so than the woofer and tweeter.


Thanks for help and advice.