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DragonFly 1.2 small issue,, please help..

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Hi I already post a reply in Dragonfly thread but im afraid it wont be noticed,,


I just bought the dragonfly 1.2

I don't have much of experince about DAC/AMP.

I'm facing something strange, yet it can be noraml, so I hope anyone can verify it.


when i'm playing some sound test files I noticed some sort of noise at the max volume, one of the most obvious frequency is the 16000hz (16Khz) file https://www.dropbox.com/s/pwgkfpsniuhcbu2/16000hz.wav


I'm using windows 7 64-bit and playing throw  foobar2000 using WASAPI event.

windows volume is set to max so as foobar2000.

the noise is so obvious between 0dB and -3dB, and a little bit of noise between -3dB and -4dB.

I have only one headphone ATH-M50 (impedance 38ohm).

please download the test file from here https://www.dropbox.com/s/pwgkfpsniuhcbu2/16000hz.wav



Is that normal or I got a bad (dysfunctional) Dragonfly 1.2?


I bough it from Crutchfield (Audioquest authorized dealer)


the dragonfly is connected to USB3.0 which is capable of delivering 900mA.

I tried it on my PC and my laptop with the same result.


Another thing, is it advisable to set WASAPI (Hardware buffer event mode) to 0, or it doesn't matter https://www.dropbox.com/s/hob9ntqvyq2u9ur/foobar2000%20setting.jpg


I already own Asus Xonar ST, and I think the Dragonfly 1.2 is better than it, later I will post an update.


Thank you...

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This likely isn't the issue, but just in case check to make sure the computer you are using is not on Audioquest's small list of of problematic computers....mostly notebooks. There is a note somewhere on their site about computerrs that cause problems with the Dragonfly because of nonstandard hardware. I own an HP notebook that only produces noise with the Dragonfly 1 for this reason.
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Please anyone who have DragonFly 1.2  ,,,, do me a favor please:



download this wav file,



Its 16000Hz (16KHz) sound file, play it throw DragonFly 1.2 and at your player (ex. foobar) max the volume and max it at windows too, and check if you hear any kind of noise.

the file length is only 5 seconds so it's better if you make the player repeating it.


Here you can download a video that I did record that is showing the noise that i'm suffering from.


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