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I'll get some pics up soon
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All I've had time for so far, busy day.

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I don't qualify for the tour phones yet, But ild be very interested in buying a balanced pair of these! ( hirose/iBasso )
Ild also need a hirose to SE adaptor with them.
If one of the gang could pm me please ild really appreciate it. smily_headphones1.gif

All the best, Paul wink.gif
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...ha.  I apparently was so excited I put the right phone on the gimbal backwards, no wonder it's been sitting a little funny.  You can even see my mistake in the picture.


Also, in case anyone was curious, the SennGrado can actually do an entertaining job with EDM.

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Originally Posted by Saoshyant View Post

...ha.  I apparently was so excited I put the right phone on the gimbal backwards, no wonder it's been sitting a little funny.  You can even see my mistake in the picture.

Also, in case anyone was curious, the SennGrado can actually do an entertaining job with EDM.

I did the same thing. Took me about 10 minutes to figure out.
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Thread Starter 

Appreciation thread started. Owners and tour stops that have already happened: get crackin!



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Thank you JoeDoe and 7Keys for all the help so far!

As soon as funds are in I'll have a pair of these on order, Can't wait to be honest lol!! :)

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Originally Posted by Paul Graham View Post

Thank you JoeDoe and 7Keys for all the help so far!

As soon as funds are in I'll have a pair of these on order, Can't wait to be honest lol!! :)

Dude as soon as I heard these, I shelled out the cash to get Joe to start the Work, and yes I'm getting a balanced pair. I'll tell you it's gonna run me about $70 to get the balanced cable made by a fellow head Fi ere hear, I'll let you know when the works is done as he's transtioning into MoT last I heard 

 I'll post pics when I get mine, for now enjoy this pretty lady with the headphones on! 







Meet my Mother, she plays the Violin, she enjoyed the Senn Grados. I'm ofc going to do one of the raw pics here, after some Photo Shop magic [red eye correction any one]


Sadly I didn't have my camera with me, so I had to use her's which is kinda bleh as u can see. But pics 


also want to do a Video Review of these bad bois, got a BRAND spankin [used] Samsung Transducer Mircophone over the weeked, with USB in, it sounds wonderful! My video is still schiit but oh well! 

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Very nice and thanks for sharing!
I'm loving that violin, looks sick wink.gif
You'll have to let me know how they are balanced as I'm going single ended to begin with as my cable guy is inundated currently.
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The Senn Grado


Big thanks to JoeDoe, 7Keys and FleasBaby for putting this bad boi together! It’s a really stunning sounding headphone!

So what is the Senn Grado you ask? Well in short it’s a franken phone! A Sennheiser PX100 Driver lovingly placed into a Grado Headphone assembly.


So let’s start with some pictures!






As for my listening set up, I’m running

Foobar 2000 KS->NFB10ES2 Dac -> iBasso PB2 -> Senn Grado

All 16/44.1 - 24/96 FLAC


Moving on, let’s talk about comfort. The L Crush pads are not the most comfortable pads around, how ever after 4-5 hours I find them to be sufficiently comfortable. It should also be noted, I’ve found that the most comfortable position of the pads is also sonically the best sounding as well.


Build quality, seeing as this headphone is very much hand assembled I can say the quality is very nice, granted the housing is very light weight. But the workman ship on the wood is flawless! Again big thanks to @7keys for his gorgeous work on the Cherry Cups!



Onto Sound!

Over all the Senn Grado is equal parts airy and organic! It excels with almost all genres of music, though be warned it’s not to keen on being fed overly compressed music or mp3s. That same air and details also makes it a touch un forgiving.  I feel the headphone has a very lovely balanced signature, and a good sense of width and depth to the sound stage. It’s certainly a prime performer within it’s price bracket and above!


Bass: taught, quick, punchy

            The bass has good tone to it, very natural but still very fast and taught. Granted the headphone lacks a little in the Sub Bass, but has enough body around 60hrz to keep a natural and full sound to music. It’s a very quick, textured and dry bass!


Mids: Magical, Organic, Dynamic,

            The mids are where the Senn Grado really amazes! It’s got such a natural and organic tone but with a great sense of attack and just the right amount of decay! For the Senn Grado the mids are absolutely where it’s at! I find the tone to be very precise and the dynamic shifts to me very clean. Though in very busy music measures that combine vocals with a plethora of instruments the Senn Grado struggles a little with clarity. For more traditional classical compositions, the Senn Grado does a very nice job with clarity and separation.

Highs: Airy, extended, weightless

            The Senn Grado has a nice treble presentation as well, there’s a nice almost weightless and airy sound to the highs. It gives a pleasing tone to brass instruments and cymbals for sure! I will say the headphone as a whole is a touch dry, especially in the treble, it is how ever not harsh or edgy. Nor sibilant to my ears.



Sound Stage: Better

            So for me, the sound stage is better than most. It has a very good sense width and sufficient depth. The depth is one area of the sound stage where it could be improved a smidge. 


Build Quality

The headphone is well built, Joe did a nice job with the assembly. Pics are featured throughout the review.


Here's a shot of the Drivers






Album Impressions 




Super Metroid Symphony 

Avantgarde Classical 


 The Good : There's a nice touch of ambiance throughout the whole album, each movement has it's own mood and pace, from piece to piece there's nothing that stands out above. The Senn Grado does a nice job with keeping a balanced presentation, the dynamics are nice as well which is KEY to this album. The change from quiet to LOUD AND DRAMATIC, is quick and effortless. The tone of each individual instrument lovely as well and there remains a nice touch of space in between them all.


Details are nicely placed as well, from the sound of gentle foot steps or rain dripping around you. To the the gentle creaking of the floors or the sneaking pirates, the little creepy details are well presented by the Senn Grado. It does an excellent job of keeping the mood where it should be, and keeping the details and more subtle sounds... subtle! 


The Acceptable: As a whole the sound is very nice, 3D presentation is nice as well but the Senn Grado does lack a bit of oomph in the sub bass, there are some dark menacing moments... that could stand to be a touch darker and more menacing! 



Metroid Prime Sound Track



So again for subtle details and dynamics I love Kenji Yamamotos compositions, he does an excellent job with creating ambiance, creating a distinct mood with a great deal of dynamic change and subtle details. 


The Good: Again, the subtle details are very nice, this is a some what synthesized track so detail and sound stage are it's key points. The presentation is nicely balanced again, the Senn Grado doing a nice job with both width and depth. It creates a very nice image an the overall transparency of the can is nice as well! There's a touch sharpness throughout this Sound Track, which is a fault in the mastering and the Senn Grado doesn't hide this!  


The Acceptable :How ever, once again the lack of sub bass extension does leave the music missing a touch of ambiance and oomph 





The Good: Mmmmmm, the vocals are nice, the beat is funky and the flow is top notch! The Senn Grado are working for this album! Good foot tapping quality to them for sure,  even better the vocals have a great body to them! The album over all is just smooooth, mellooooooow, an the bass is just right on the Senn Grado! Good impact and body, the some what dry sound of the Senn Grado does a great job with this album! 


Really, I've got no qualms for the Senn Grado and this album! It's just smoooth flowin Reggae music presented in glorious High Fidelity! 





Animals as Leaders- The Joy Of Motion 


The Good: Tone is nice, bass has a good kick to it as well. Good sense of openness as well, I'm diggin the presentation of these cans with some slower metal, layering is nice as well and I'm really lovin the bass on these bad bois! Not as deeper or heavy as the HE 4, but still has a nice kick to it, and the separation has is intermittent, with the heavier distorted measures the Senn Grado struggles a little to maintain a "cleanly distorted" signal,  how ever with some more natural passages the balance is nice. Though a possilble positive might be that the Senn Grado adds a little extra "crunch" an "distortion" to your already crunchy and distorted metal riffs! Dynamics maintain them selves nicely as well throughout the track.  Really diggin the tone of the Guitar Riffs too! 


The Acceptable: Crunchy, crunchy, crunchy. During some of the heaviest passages there's a touch of crunch... while the sound stage is fairly wide and the articulation of each instrument accurate, you can still hear a touch of "excessive" closeness or a little crunch in the sound, and not bite but a bit of a distorted crunch. [Something the HE 4 does not present with this album] 



Before you guys have a cow, I'm listening to a Japanese Remastered CD Rip from the  90's. Out of the like 12 rips I purchased I found this one to be the VERY best. PM me if you want to know EXACTLY which 


The Good:  Tone tone tone tone, the tone is really stellar! The Brass horns are phenomenal! An again that BASS, nice an taught, good punch to it. Again, the Senn Grado is really capturing the magic of the music! The highs are nice, crisp and airy! The mids are to DIE for, great tone on the Horns and piano! Speed and detail are abundant too, every time the Double Bassists throws in a little sumthin, sumthin I'm right there with him! 


Really the Senn Grado does the album some serious justice, Left and right channel separation are pretty great to, seeing as Kind of Blue is 50% about the Music it self and 50% about the master [as it's been mastered to hell and back] I'm enjoying how true to the master the Senn Grado is, letting me hear everything in what I feel is the best sounding master of Kind of Blue. Again, the tone is spectacular and the airy and crisp over all sound is a joy to listen to! An once again, the dynamics are on the MONEY! Flamenco Sketches is my favorite piece of this album and the mood is are warm and inviting on the Senn Grado as it is on my HE 4! 


The Acceptable: Sound stage, is where the Senn Grado falls a little short for me here. The depth poor by any means, but it's not entirely what I'm used to. There's depth, and it's presented naturally, but a touch more depth would be appreciated! 



Finishing Words 

  I really enjoyed my time with the Senn Grado! I think it's  one of Head Fi's best secrets as of right now, granted it's a touch un conventional and it's built purely by a team of dedicated enthusiasts, but the sound is just right! So if your some one who's curious about the Grado Sound, or some one who enjoys having and owning "one of a kind" headphones then give Joe or 7Keys a PM and get your own Senn Grado!


The best part of all is this headphone can be had for as little as $200. Which I think puts it at the top of it's league! Many of the other headphones I've heard in the $200 price range, may beat the Senn Grado is Sound stage, or may have more comfort. But none of them can match the natural tone that the Senn Grado presents! 

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Can't wait to read the rest.


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I will also be heading out to the Post Office Tommorow, let me know who's getting them next so I can get them out  


N it's done! My full impressions are up, time to link this post to mah Blog Post

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