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Replacment over Ear Headphones - Advice/Suggestions required

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For the past 6 or so years iv been using Sennheiser HD 202's as my over ear headphones for everything PC related. Music, games ..both at the same time.

Problem is iv had to buy 2 pairs so far and Im on my 3rd which is a Frankenstein of the working parts from the original 2. Now however even this one requires repair. The wire once again seems to have a intermittent break that Im going to have to cut and re-solder to the driver.

Im getting tired of constantly repairing these things.

I need some sound advice (pun har har) on suitable replacements.

I like bass ( my speaker system is a Logitech Z5500, again with the bass tongue.gif ), hence why I bought a second pair of HD 202's a few years back. So im after some headphones that can at least match the HD 202's in that respect as well as in overall sound quality.


My PC has a Asus Xonar D2X soundcard going into the Z5500 control Pod via analog.  My headphones connect via the Control Pod.

I don't have any stand alone Dacs or amps simply because I don't have the foggiest clue about them tongue.gif

Im willing to go up to about £80 maybe more if quality needs, the HD 202's currently go for £30. I don't have any music or hardware shops good enough nearby that would allow me to test head phones out so I can only go on reviews and advice online frown.gif

I listen to almost all types of music. Currently as I write this im listening to chiptune music. But I like Rock, J and K Pop. Trance, Dance, Even Hip hop and rap from time to time, hell even classical music when im in the mood. Again I do like my thumping base with crisp treble.


Iv been looking into the following headphones myself but im very much a noob when it comes to Audio stuff.


ATH-M50 for £80 (not the M50x - not worth +50% cost over the m50 just for the detachable wire)

AKG K550 for £100

BD DT990 for £113 (not sure on this due to ohm requirements)

So let the advice role smile.gif

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I'm sure you ll be satisfied with M50. D2X is more than sufficient for the m50s. good luck.

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care! The BD DT990 is open, which means you will hear everything around and share your music with everyone. If it is not a problem for you, it is a very good can. If it is, AKG 550, DT 770, Shure 440, ATH-M50 are good cans. But people with more experience will come and help you soon on their signature. And on other cans :)

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Yea I noticed that they were open. I am used to closed back since iv used the HD 202's however its just an option iv seen online.


My choice will ultimately be down to feedback I get from people who have used HD202's and the replacement they picked.

Im leaning towards the m50's, but I wont pull the trigger till i get a good amount of responses from the forums iv posted the question on, including this one.

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Still looking for feedback and advice on this before I buy.

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An update.


I decided to pull the trigger on a pair of ATH-M50s (straight) that I was able to find in the UK for £80 new.


Almost didn't bother buying any tbh. Was hard to find some at the right price.


The original place I was to buy them only had the White version and Red Versions available, and I didn't want ether. White would get to dirty, and the red made it look tacky imo.

I also didn't find any S models for less than £110 which was only £10 cheaper than a pair of X models.


Luckily however I ended up finding a seller that had both the coiled and straight version of the black m50 available for £79.99 with free P&P.


Should have them Tuesday or Wednesday. After some burn in time ill update again with my opinion of them.


EDIT Update:


I got my M50S's now, love them. Sound is better in every way than my old HD202's... as they should be. Bass is there, highs and mids. And the quality is much better. Bit tight on the ears but that's to be expected for new headphones :)



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