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Hi everyone,

I just joined Head Fi to hope and find someone that will help me make up my mind on what headphones I'm going to buy.


I've been reading a lot of reviews and for the price range I'm looking for, these ones caught my attention:


Marshall Monitors

Bose Soundtrue

V-Moda's LP Crossfade


So let's get to what I'm looking for : 

- comfort

- overall good quality sound

- good noise isolation


A lot of people have been recommending the ATH-M50's. I never tried them, but I have a friend that has them and

they are too bulky for me. Even though they are apparently very light, they are too big for me and would look kinda weird 

on my head if walking down the street. That's the reason I decided not to go for those.


So now comes the part where I hope you can help me :


Are the Marshall Monitors any good? Are they worth the 150$? What about comfort and noise isolation : 

they ARE over-ear but that does not always mean good isolation...

If these actually sound really good AND are really comfortable I would definitely buy them but I haven't been able

to find them where I am now..


Bose..... People around here seem to despise them xD. I have tried the Bose SoundTrue and what I love about

them is how comfortable and light they are. They sound OK to me : again I'm not an audiophile... 

But for 179$, they don't seem to offer anything that would explain that price...

but oh maaan those are comfortable..


Finally the V-Moda's LP: I tried the V-Moda's m100 at the store the other day. I was really excited but when I put them on,

the comfort really disappointed me... and those are the ones that cost 300$. They didn't have the LP Crossfades so I couldn't demo them,

but what I want to know is: is the sound from the LP Crossfade's good? Cause if the sound is good, people said the comfort problem

can be resolved buy buying bigger ear cups. And since they are a lot cheaper than the m100, I wouldn't mind spending a little bit more

for the cups.


Well, hope you guys can help me!

Thanks :D