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I am a budget audiophile, and  I am looking for something to pair well with my Pioneer SE-A1000. They are great budget headphones, but they are lacking a bit in the bass department. I am looking for a good pair of closed over-ear headphones that are under $100 that would fit the bill. A good not muddy bass is key, with noise isolation would be nice. I would like to also use these for gaming with an exterior mic, so minimal sound bleed would also be great, but not required. I hope I am not asking too much here, but I have been searching around and this is what I have gotten so far:


Monoprice 108323 -seems to be a good contender

Creative Aurvana Live! Headphones -gets mentioned a lot in this forum for decent closed headphones

Koss ProDJ100 - Also gets mentioned to be a good headphone

JVC HAM55X -looks to be for nothing but bass, haven't heard how bad the mids and highs are.


Any recommendations or advise would be greatly appreciated!