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I've been looking for an upgrade from my current Logitech G930's to something else. These G930s have served me well during the past 3 years (granted I had to replace them once a year due to the charge port solder being sub-par), and with the warranty out, I can no longer replace them under warranty. I've had a few cans in the past before I found the G930's to be what I needed, including a godawful pair of turtle beaches (couldn't stand them and ended up in the trash within the month), and a pair of Audio Tech AD700's (great, but weak bass, but not wireless and are open air). After trying about 8 headphones/headsets, I figured that wireless was my best bet, since they all had the same problem of cables being everywhere, knocking things down, and getting damaged from moving all the time.


I am looking for a wireless headphone/headset that sounds well and is within $400. Now for the kicker, if it ends up being a headphone, I need to be able to use a microphone wirelessly as well (I use it all the time for work things, VoIP calls, Teamspeak/Vent, etc.); which is a bit difficult since from my research, the only wireless microphones I could find are stage microphones that you hold in your hand. I did attempt this with a bluetooth headset taped to the side of an RS180 (I know how that sounds, I was just testing), but the sound quality is garbage when compared to the G930s or any other microphone.


I recently gave the RS180's a try, but due to noises in my apartment, I could not stand them due to the open air. I was planning on giving the RS170's a try, since they are closed, but have seen some negative thoughts on it compared to the RS180. Another contender to the list is the Astros A50, but I have yet to find much information on the sound quality, though from what I did find it's fairly decent. I've seen other options like the Corsair 2100 or the Sennheiser MM500x, but those fall short on my list.


If you have any suggestions, I would be glad to hear them. Also, any information on what I could do for the microphone issue would be appreciated.