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Studio Monitor Subwoofer

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Hello everyone, I have a pair of the Pioneer SDJ60x monitors and I'm looking to add a subwoofer to them. The reason I want to add one is because these monitors are being used more as speakers for a small room than actual monitoring. I know that the krk10s would work, but they are on the expensive side. From what I've read I basically need an active subwoofer to route the source to and then output it to the monitors. So would something like the BIC F12s work? I'm also not sure what input/output types are on that particular subwoofer and what cables I would need. Or if anyone has any other suggestions for under $350 with preferably xlr in/outs that would be ideal.
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Take a look at the mackie mr5mk2 sub. I think it is at 300 and had reviewed well. I unfortunately cannot listen to it as guitar center here doesn't have one on display. It was my top choice till I got an offer on a nice home theater sub that was to good to pass up.

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OK don't know why my phone auto corrected it to mr5mk2 but is a new item with the mk3 series monitors.

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The BIC F12 only has a single channel subwoofer input designed to be used with an AVR, or speaker level inputs/outputs for use with passive speakers and an amp. I don't see how you would hook it up.

You will have to go with a studio monitor sub to get balanced inputs and outputs. Balanced inputs on home audio subwoofers only come on much higher end subs than your budget allows.
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Thanks for the info, I had a feeling the BIC wouldn't work. And I looked up the Mackie mr10smk3 and it's at $349, right at my budget, so I think I will go with that.
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