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For Sale or Trade: FS/FT: Fischer Audio FA-011 (AUS)

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For Sale or Trade:
FS/FT: Fischer Audio FA-011 (AUS)

Will Ship To: Australia

Up for sale is my pair of FA-011s, a very regretful sale, but I really need the funds right now. They are in fantastic condition and have very low hours on them. I have the original receipt from Noisy Motel, which shows that they were purchased on the 27/05/14, so they are very new, only less than 2 months old. 


I really don;t want to let this go, but unfortunately I am very short on cash right now so I have to sell much of my secondary gear, which isn't being used much because of my HD800. 


Here is the Noisy Mote page. 




Anyway, send me any trade offers, you never know. Feel free to shoot me any questions. 

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Hey there. Are you located in Sydney? If so I'd be interested in auditioning these with a view to buying them. Cheers Groundie.
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Bump, still up for sale guys. 


I'm in Melbourne, you can see it on the top right of every single one of my posts. 

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