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For Sale: Grado RS60i

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€200 (EURO) or Best Offer
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
Grado RS60i

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I'm putting my modded Grado SR60i up for sale, since they don't get the headtime they deserve.


The drivers have been fully liberated and installed in a pair of Vibro Classic Mahogany cups. I also replaced the original vinyl headband with an Oxyx Manta leather headband from Turbulent labs.

I used Dynamat Xtreme (without the aluminium attached) to damp the driver magnets. I also used Dynamat on the cable entry point, in order to better secure the cables and prevent them from being able to be pushed inside the cups, which puts stress on the solder joints. For more bass impact, I opened 2 vent holes on each driver. In this configuration, I found the bass quantity to be comparable to my RS1i. I carefully weighed the amount of damping material to be sure I used the exact same amount on each driver, for a perfect L/R balance.


I also applied a thin layer of foam from the Sennheiser HD25-1 in front of the driver. This is mostly to keep dust from getting on the diaphragm, it's effect on the sound is pretty much negligible, maybe a tiny bit smoother treble.


Now, maybe my hearing isn't what it used to be, but when I compare these directly to my RS1i, I really have to concentrate to spot the differences in sound and even then the RS1i isn't necessarily better sounding to me. The RS1i is slightly smoother sounding, but it also seems a bit slower, with less "snappyness" to the sound. They are on the same level sound quality wise IMO. I'm even considering selling my RS1i and just keeping these SR60i, but I know I'm going to regret selling RS1i, since I got it brand new for a really good price and it complements my DT48 slighty better, which is like the fastest and most snappy headphone ever.


I'm the first owner and always treated it like a baby. It has never been taken outside or exposed to smoke, pets and other evil.

Original box included.

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If i am not mistaken, a new Grado SR60i cost around 80 euro now. Are you sure about the price? You can make improvement on your headset. but i cannot hear its sound quality from your description.

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The SR60i has been discontinued.

All the materials including the SR60i itself, cost me around €260. Plus it took quite some work putting it all together and finding the configuration that sounds most like the RS1i.

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i know the production was discontinued. I cannot find in the netherlands anymore. but in china, several seller still have it in the inventor. the price range from 570 to 620 RMB. based on online currency converter, this price equal to 68.54 to 74.56 euro. all the products are 1st hand. you can find the list of sellers with Grado SR60i in this ulr:

the current exchange ration is:

1 EUR = 8.31527 RMB

1 RMB = 0.120261 EUR


I am not sure if we are looking at the same products. The model version looks exact same.

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Yes, but trust me when I say this does not sound like an SR60i anymore. Even €250 is a steal, considering the sound that comes out of this thing.

Grado prices have never made sense, the new SR60e retails for $79 in the US, which equals to about €58. But they simply refuse to sell to you if you are not from the US.

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i understand the price of the same products are different in different countries. I was looking for SR80i. then i saw your post. It is not about i don't trust you. But I cannot be convinced that an 80 euro headset sounds like an 800 euro headset without try it. However, that is not an option in the forum.


By the way, a part of the sellers in the website which i just posted ship internationally, not like USA only or China only.

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Yes I understand that it is hard to believe it can sound this good when you are unable to try it.

I already predicted that people would expect me to sell it for around the price of a new SR60e, just based on the model number instead of the sound. If only it worked that way with all the modded T50RP that are for sale. Maybe that's why they all give them funny names like Mad dog and Thunderpants, to pretend it's not actually a T50RP :gs1000smile:


I think I'll just keep it. I enjoy it way too much to sell it for under €200.

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