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Headphones for metal music and gaming ?

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So i decided to upgrade my audio setup and i really need help with choosing what headphones would be best for my audio listening thingies. I found Fiio e10 and almost everybody on forums said that e10 is best money/value combination for amp/dac so say if you think something else could be better :D.Now headphones, i listen metal bands like (Death,Bodom,Pantera,Machine Head,Lamb of god etc...

and heres the problem i cant find headphones that could offer good soundstage,mids,and bass for GAMING and metal because i do play games a LOT (Team Fortress 2 and nothing else).  


I looked some headphones like dt880 250ohm and hd 558, ad700x.


I need positioning for gaming and sounds for metal pls help !!

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An E17 might be more versatile if you think you might need a portable headphone amp one day, but other that that the E10 sounds fine.


The DT880s are good and clear, but metal might get a bit edgy or strident depending on your ears. Do you sometimes feel fatigued by higher frequencies?

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No i dont think so. so you recommend dt880 ? i dont have any experience with audiophile headphones so i dont know anything about anything.

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The AKG Q701 might work for you, excellent soundstage and instrument seperation, which works very well for both music and gaming. The mids are on the warm side, but that does not seem to make rock music any worse (not sure about metal). Sound has alot of depth and texture and detail, excellent headphones for the price and I prefer them over my modded AD700s by a significant margin. Soundstage is not as wide as a stock AD700, but that is a good thing as the soundstage in a stock AD700 is TOO wide IMO. Also the Q701 have better overall bass that is not only louder, but better controlled/articulated and extends lower and sounds 'complete' and doesn't roll off like the AD700's bass. Still has less bass quantity compared to a good set of closed-back headphones, but for open headphones the bass is very good, especially the exceution of said bass. I have not heard the AD700X, so I can't compare, but in my experience the 'X's do sound better than the non-X versions (Have both the A900 and A900x. A900x is noticably better but also alot brighter).


You may also want to consider the AKG K701 and K702, I have not heard them, but many people say they sound similar/nearly the same.


Also look into the K612. Some reviews say they are comparable to the Q701 and are a warmer version. Just mind the prices, as the Q701 can usually be had for under $200 new, I would only consider the K612 if it can be had for a sizable discount compared to the Q701, but if both prices are similar I would just go for the Q701.

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Forgot to mention that the Q701 sounds best with an amp as they are somewhat hard to drive.You may also want to consider a Xonar DG soundcard, has a built in headphone amp and has very good sound (compared to onboard) and retail for around $20. I do not own the Xonar DG so I do not know how well they would drive the Q701, but it may be something worth considering.


Edit: Ah, I see that you are looking into the E10, from what I've heard the E10 is a great amp in terms of price-to-performance and should be able to drive the Q701s. I do not have the E10 so I am just repeating what others have said in the Q701 thread.

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I have the DG. Doesn't drive the K612s to very high volumes, although the K612s are supposedly a bit harder to drive.

Q701 and K612 have a different sound. I prefer the K612. Sort of an individual preference thing as to which you might like better.
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Ok i did a LOT of research and i think i will go with dt880 or hd 650 drived by fiio e10 so wich one should i get ? I can get dt880 200e but used pairs hd650 only 250e. Is it worth it to get hd650 and can e10 even drive hd because i think e10 can do 300ohm and those senns are 300ohm ????
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