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Best IEMs around $300

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I have been back and forth between IEMs and another pair of closed-back over-the-ear headphones for a few weeks now. After realizing that IEMs would be more practical for me, I had no clue as to what to look for. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I listen to lots of jazz, IDM, ambient, classical, hip-hop, folk, bluegrass, jam-rock. I will be using a Fiio Mont Blanc with these so powering something high-impedance will not be a problem, although I am guessing it usually isn't an issue with IEMs.


Some products I have been eying are:


Monster - Miles Davis Trumpet

Monster - Turbine Pro Gold/Copper

Heir Audio - 3.Ai

Etymotic - ER-4PT

Logitech - UE900

Shure - 315CL

RHA - MA750


All the best,



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Take a look at the DN-2000 thread the ue900 and shure 315 are good but I like the DN-2000 better.
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I'd say the UE900, though the DN2000 is also really good.
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i'd suggest the monster copper pros....

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Has anyone heard anything about the Westone IEMs, or the Heir Audio IEMs?



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I have the Westone W40, though it is much more expensive than the ones listed here.
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Save yourself some money - T-Peos Altone200 triple hybrid.


My review here - http://www.head-fi.org/products/t-peos-altone200/reviews/11304


Watch for impressions coming in as first people start receiving theirs this week.  These really are something special .....

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