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Philips Fidelio L2

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Measurements (Credits to http://en.goldenears.net/):






Headfonia: Click Here

Digital Versus: Click Here




I've noticed that there wasn't a Fidelio L2 thread in the Full Size Headphones forum. There is one in the Introductions/Help/Recommendations forum, but I don't believe it belongs there.


These headphones with Headfonia's impressions and GE's measurements make them seem like the perfect fit for me, but alas, these aren't available in the US. However, I do want to know more about these headphones from those in Europe who might own them!


MSRP: $299

    - Currently is sold in amazon.it / amazon.uk at €156/$211. Not sold in US stores...

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I would put the L2 slightly below P7 and way above the HP50. It needs a good amp to sound even better and that's the reason why I rate it lower than P7.
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It's worth trying a different cable to the stock one. It needn't be expensive just low resistance.

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