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For Sale: Millet Hybrid MAX

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$160 (USD) or Best Offer
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For Sale:
Millet Hybrid MAX

Will Ship To: North America

Purchased this approximately 3 years ago from a fellow forum member, and has worked out great for me. Consolidating my audio gear, and this has to go. Still sounds great, and in fantastic shape. Includes shipping anywhere in North America.



A FallenAngel built version of the Millett Max Hybrid. This was sourced this directly from him originally in the Spring of 2011, and purchased by me from the original purchaser in late 2011. I have used it with both Beyerdynamics DT-880s as well as Denon D7000s, and it sounds fantastic. Approximately 1000-1500 hours of use.


"Nichicon Muse ES output caps, also bypassed by Vitamin Q for awesome bass slam and being a fan of great bass and wanting a nice warm touch to this tube hybrid, the transistors are the 2SC3421/2SA1358 pair".  Dull red LED in an alu surround on the front.   Tung Sol 12FK6 tubes.

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For Sale: $175 (USD)
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