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Interested, would be nice to get something just for evaluation.

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I'm pretty fresh to head fi, but pretty seasoned in different iems varying in quality from budget iems, to fairly high end universals.

If you have anything to review, and would include me I would love to show appreciation by writing a fair and non-bashing review based on a-b comparisons to other more popular gear that I own.
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Consider my name 'thrown into the hat'.

Looks interesting.


I have a question: If chosen do we get to chose which of the two colours we can review? (I'm not picky but I do prefer black :D)

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I am interested in the Tekfusion iem's and I am available to review them. This is the first time I have ever heard an iem company from India :wink_face:


Please don't hesitate to check my profile and posts...


THANKS! And wishing you good luck on the audio world!  शुभकामनाएँ! / śubhkāmnāen!

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I'd be happy to do a review - I don't have any reviews here on head-fi, but am readying one on the Dita The Answer (Truth Edition) IEMs, and have experience writing in general.


Let me know!


Thanks of the opportunity,



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Sign me up too!  I don't have any reviews on Head-fi.org either, but I'll be objective, well thoughtout, and forthcoming on what I find.  I do believe that I could be of great help.

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I'd volunteer happily. I've not got many reviews to my name, however I'm looking to build up a decent folder. I'm currently working towards a Cowon Z2 review, have published a formal review of the Atmoc Floyd PowerJax, and an impressions section for the Extreme SX500.


I have extensive reviewing experience with other topics however, particularly form my past TCG days.


Please at least consider me :)

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I would love to review your product. Here's a sample of my writing on Audioholics.com 

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I'm happy to do a review, too. 

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I'd love to do a review of some IEMs, I'm always looking for new things to try, and I help newbies around here every day. 

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Count me in sir! :) Our blog site is currently one of the top tech site in the Philippines and we love the community and doing audio reviews as well www.geekypinas.com

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I'll throw my hat into the ring.


I have a number of reviews published here on Head-Fi, which can all be viewed here (http://www.head-fi.org/users/146058/reviews)


And I have my own site called Musical Musings, which can be seen here (http://musicalmusings.themindofgame.com), on which I've reviewed literally dozens of headphones and earphones from a large number of manufacturers including HiFiMan, Audio-Technica, MEElectronics, Ultimate Ears and Sennheiser.


Here are a few samples of my work, on Head-Fi.


Narmoo R1M


T-PEOS H-200


Audio-Technica CKS1000

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Nice looking products, Tekfusion!! The TwinWoofers concept reminds me of some crazy car audio designs so I'm intrigued and would love to participate.

Please check out passionforsound.wordpress.com to see my work as well as the Bottlehead comparison thread I created to discuss their awesome products (access via my left and middle signature links).

I hope I can be involved and best of luck with the product launch!!

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please sign up

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I am in the market for a new set of IEm and would be very interested to hear and review your product. 

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