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A Question of the World Model

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Everyone knows that SONY New CD Walkman D-EJ1000/EJ955/EJ855 is made in Malaysia, includes:

Japanese Model, (Version Code J1)
Chinese Model, (Version Code CN2)
Model of Hong Kong (Version Code HK2)
European Model (Version Code CED, CEK and etc)

but SONY says the World Model (Version Code:JEW) is made by Japan.

Click here to get more information. (D-EJ955)

I am just wondering is it true? I haven't seen a World Model D-EJ1000/955/855. But I'm sure the World Model costs higher than others. D-E01(Japanese Model) costs 26800 Yen but D-E01(World Model) costs 35800.

In my opinion, SONY World Model is the best version of Walkman. Quality, Sound, Accessory and...Operating Instructions
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Moon, you once had both D-E01 and D-EJ01. You should know the differences between at least these two discmans. Which one do you think is better? I know the official website of Sony quotes a higher price for D-EJ01.
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Glad to see you, netsurfer! I think the differences of the model is not so important, the most important is VERSION. Product quality of D-E01 is stable, but quality of D-EJ01 is not so average. Several D-EJ01 is good, but...

By the way, on the official website of SONY JAPAN, D-E01 costs 38000 Yen, but the real price is about 26000-28000. On the official website of SONY of AMERICA, it cost $399.95, but the real price is about $260-280.
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Hi, Moon,

We have to find a common crieria to compare the price as you know well that the price of D-EJ01 in U.S. is much more expensive than in Southeast Asian. The only parameter is of course the MSRP (manufactuer's suggested retail price). The MSRP of D-EJ01 is 39800 Yen while of D-E01 is 38000 Yen.

Maybe the difference of 1800 suggests sth which is definetly not that D-EJ01 is better than D-E01 since you mentioned that D-E01 is somewhat stable in quality.

It's Sony's marketing strategy that brings the price in U.S. is much higher than in Japan, i think.
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sound quality almost

sound quality almost
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Does everyone here know that the real sony 20th anniversary de01?as i konw the whole number of them is 5000.that is to say,
the de01 and dej01 all over the world(includers japan home)is not
a real anniversary one.the difference between the real and ordinary is that the the accessories and output remote.the real one is much better than the de01 and dej01 which we could see
in the market!
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In Japan, it's more likely to be JPY 23,000 for a D-E01, if you look REALLY hard. It's considered an old model. It's not that easy to get there, but I doubt the 5,000 model run.
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