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I had an old pair of HD280's that I decided to bring to work because I was tired of listening on my apple earpods.

At home I used to run them off my home theater amp (HK AVR340), and so just running the HD280's off the computer produced adequate results, but not quite as good as at home.

So I decided to purchase a headphone amp to increase the quality of the sound.

Ended up getting a Fiio E12 because it was small enough (I wanted something relatively inconspicuous that I could place on my work desk) and advertised to deliver lots of power.

Just got it yesterday, brought it to work today, and well, I'm underwhelmed.

Sure, if plays the headphones quite loud if I turn the volume up, but at low/moderate volumes with bass boost off, my headphones don't sound any different then when running directly out of the PC.

Anything I could try to improve the low-volume sound quality? Or did I not buy the right amp?