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The 12 year old in the house has decided to go to bed at 10pm, instead of after midnight, and so I've had to use headphones for my late-night listening now. Apparently 12-year-old hearing is supersonic bionic, as he can hear the sound bleeding from my beloved Grado SR-80is FROM UPSTAIRS! I begrudgingly looked in the local used classifieds, and found an interesting item - SoundMagic HD150 closed-back headphones. I checked them out, gave them a listen, and was immediately impressed by the wide open, airy but detailed sound, with excellent bass. And they do not bleed [much. They have a pin hole vent which lets a bit of sound out. The tween hasn't complained though]. I paid $90, which to me is an exorbitant sum usually preserved for purchasing British loudspeakers or 70s turntables with wow & flutter figures of <0.04%. After almost a week of listening, I am very satisfied with this purchase. The extended frequency range means there is more high hiss on vinyl than my Grados, but that is what tone controls are for, right? Bass is very good, visceral almost. So much better than the Grados, which tend to distort when the bass drum comes in on my favourite 24/96 FLAC of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring (Nezet-Seguin/Philadelphia, DG). The SoundMagics take it in stride. I was a bit concerned about a totally Chinese product (there are reviews online about the frame connectors breaking, which renders them useless and concerns me a bit), both for longevity and customer support, but perhaps I have my concerns misplaced: the same week I got the phones, my used, Made-In-The-USA PS Audio Digital Link III DAC arrived....and has an audible hiss in the right channel. Turns out there is a faulty op-amp at the unbalanced output, even though the unit is plugged as having "all discrete components". Argghh. Will someone PLEEEAASE make America make great products again? Jus' kiddin'...
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Glad to hear you are enjoying them.  I paid $200 for my first pair, and I consider them a bargain at that price.  I went through a lot of headphones, and though I do not consider myself to have an excellent ear, I always came back to the HP150.


I just picked up a bass-head set of cans to play with, and I think they will be a lot of fun, but no replacement for the 150s!

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You guys NEED to try out this pairing: Galaxy Note 3 with the Soundmagic HP100/150. Holy dang do these two compliment each other. End game sound quality.

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The bass cannons I bought (JVC SZ2000) are fun, and with some EQing, you can get some incredible bass and sub-bass.


Funny thing though, they also have made me appreciate my go-to HP150 even more.  I use no EQ, using what I understand to be a neutral DAC/amp combo (Schitt Magni/Modi), and they sound wonderful.  I still think they emphasize the bass, but they suit me perfectly.


I could live without the JVC, but I don't ever want to be without my HP150.

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Thinking about the Soundmagic HP 150 as an upgrade to my trusty pair of Sennheiser HD 215s, which are now more than 8 years old. Think in terms of sound, these would be what I'm looking for. I'm just worried about the comfort of them, as I seem to have quite a sensitive head and feel a burning painful sensation after just 30 minutes when I have tried some other headphones. Please see this thread for a detailed explanation of the cans I have tried: http://www.head-fi.org/t/834300/please-help-me-find-comfortable-closed-headphones.


So my question is, are the Soundmagic HP 150 headphones comfortable to wear for 2+ hours? Is the pressure from the headband noticeable and does it give you any pain after a few hours use?


I've also considered the Sennheiser HD 589 CS. I think these are probably more comfortable(?) but in terms of sound, I think the Soundmagic would be better suited to my preferences (balanced / neutral, wide soundstage). I've heard the Sennheisers are quite unforgiving of poor quality audio files and sources, which has put me off a bit. Do you think these would be better suited for me?


Thanks for the help guys. Hopefully I will come to the end of my search for an upgrade soon!

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how are these for metal? i plan on buying them, but just saw this review that said that they might not be a good choice for metal - said lower mids are lacking, smth that might ruin listening to stuff Amon Amarth, i dont think i saw them mentioned in metal thread as well(maybe once or twice as a suggestion)




or its nothing to worry about ?

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