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My friend and i tried each others pads today. i tried his dt 880 velours from his 880s and he tried my hm5 pads. sadly, the sound brightened way to much and isolation and leakage were terrible. These were the 880 pads not the 770 pads which are supposedly stiffer and isolate more.

     I also tried his new schiit vali. besides the small hiss in the background, it sounded pretty darn great. Interested on how the hm5 velours work out. The velours are shallower than the pleathers though. 

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I've read quite a few people say that beyer pads are not good on other phones and vice versa. Something to do with holes in the back of the beyer pads, but everybody pretty much says the same thing as you. Hopefully there won't be a huge sq difference for me. I really don't notice much of a change tip rolling my iems, so hopefully the velours will be the same situation.


As far as the thickness goes..as long as they're thicker/same as the stock pads I should be fine - thicker would be a bonus tho.


Probably got 10-14 days to get the phones through the burn-in period (alas had to get the pads directly from mp4nation since amazon won't ship to Canada), and that should let me get a good handle on the stock sq. (liking so far, much better sub-bass than my grados - but that really isn't much of a stretch). If all goes well, I'll maybe look into getting a pair of pleathers too.

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