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Like I said, if you enjoy the M50, the M100 should be next on your list. It's that same bassy, lively sound, just bigger and better. 

I've only tried the M100 once but i agree with this guy thing


livley, sound sig alike m50

You would be able to find them at microsoft stores (i've got one nearby in a mall) to try on, see if you like it. If there's one nearby it is definetly worth a shot.

Also $200 headphones won't give you ear orgasms... lol


and i think having different headphones is better than having just one

because just one thing over and over again may get boring

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M~100 would be my choice too. In fact, it was. And still is.
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Have a look at the German Maestro range of open headphones, they are not to everyone's taste, but they do give a great sound that is non-fatiguing over long periods. They are conservative in looks, but very well made and sound very mellow.

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I already said I've made a decision on a headphone, so at this point what are you trying to get across here? You say my opinion needs to be based on experience, but when I ask you how do you propose I listen to all these wide variety on headphones. Your response was pretty much, you can find a way. Haha, nice. I live way out in the boonies, the nearest store that sells anything audio related is almost 2 hours away. And even then, there only going to have Bose and Beats on display. Audio festivals only happen so often, and are extremely rare to find in your area. So in summation, I will listen to the headphones, once I buy the headphones. And if am unhappy with them, then I just return them and try again. That's how it's going to be. And those headphone reviews, help tremendously in my decision. And you're wrong, I most certainly can form my own opinion based upon those reviews. Let's not forget what an opinion is, it's a judgement. The process I go through is looking at multiple reviews, from multiple people that are well known, trustworthy, and unbiased. Because I know what I like, and I know what kind of sound I'm looking for. So if I stumble upon a headphone I'm interested in. I look at multiple reviews of it, from multiple people, and see if there's consistency in what these people are saying about a specific headphone. And really listen to what these people are saying about the sound. If it's inconsistent, with a hand full of people saying something about the bass, and another hand full of people saying something entirely different about the bass. Then generally I'm not going to make such a pronounced opinion. 

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Thanks for the suggestion Rearwing. :) 

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I fully understand why someone would like the M100's over the M50's. But there just not for me. And I completely get what you're saying, one headphone could get boring. That's why I'm being so particular about what I buy. Because I want something that will shine with all genres of music. I can only afford one headphone. Luckily, thanks to the help of a few people. I think I found a headphone that does exactly that. The NAD Viso HP50's. So I decided to spend the extra money and go with that. And hey, if I don't like it. Then I just return it and keep searching. Simple as that. Thanks for your comment poopsockk. 

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Beyerdynamic DT770 for closed, DT990 for open
they both have a V shaped freq response, same as M50, but with better imaging and seperation.
both have same drivers as DT880, the one of the trio hifi cans looong ago (dt880,k701,HD650/HD600)
also, take a look at this http://www.headfonia.com/the-beyerdynamic-we-love-dt770-anniversary-edition/

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There ya go, you identified 2 ways to listen to phones:  1. drive to the place two hours away (probably much less time than you've spent on the headphone-internet lately), or 2.  order, listen, and keep the product or return it.  Plus another option of looking for a headphone meet.  Plus look for a lending library of headphones such as the Cable Company.


Here's my take on opinion:  you can gather info from various sources about a girl you want to import as a wife, but until you spend actual time with her, in the flesh, you will not really have an "opinion" of her that is truly valid for you.  I could tell you she has a warm bottom, a nice middle, and screechy highs, but that doesn't mean that's what you experience with her.

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Originally Posted by Billheiser View Post

I could tell you she has a warm bottom, a nice middle, and screechy highs, but that doesn't mean that's what you experience with her.

Welcome to my world brother.
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My gosh! You have showed me the light in which I've been wrong all along. Everything you just said makes perfect sense! You speak wonders! I'm gonna drive two hours away just so I can listen to a pair of Bose and Beats that I've already listened to before. Or I can meet up with a complete stranger and hope he's close to my area, and listen to the cans he's got. Or I could even take the time to borrow a pair from The Cable Company and pay for shipping charges. Either way, it's a must! Man, all the thousands of people who buy headphones before they listen to them are complete and utter fools! It doesn't matter how deeply they research on the headphones. If they spent hours closely listening to what people had to say about the sound. All of that is just a bunch of phooey. I just can't believe the mind set I had before seeing your comment. Thank goodness I did. Oh, and that analogy of comparing headphones to a girl was spot on! Absolutely brilliant! Because it's so true, I could hear really good things about a girl, like she's sexy, and very experienced in the bedroom. But once I spend some one on one time with her, I could come to find that her personality is terrible. And that she's a real b*tch, and doesn't preform how I like it in the bedroom.


Just like with a headphone, you could listen to a review from some of the most highly regarded and respected headphone reviewers in the entire world, like Tyll Herstens, Andrew Williams, Geoff Morrison, or hundreds of highly regarded reviewers on YouTube. Who will give an in depth analyst of what kind of sound you'll get from a particular headphone, describing how the highs, mids, and lows are. And everything else. They could say that the headphones are warm and punchy, and the bass is well extended and very tight, but point out there also articulate and clear in the treble, and well balanced throughout the mids. And also say they do a great job of delivering a very balanced transition from upper-mids through the mid-treble, which gives vocals and acoustic instruments a lively and natural voice. And they could say these headphones are good for anyone looking for a pair of cans that does good with all genres of music. A good all arounder headphone.


So if that was the kind of headphone a person was looking for, a good all arounder. You'd buy them, and find out... THEY ALL FLAT OUT LIED! And that it doesn't provide a warm and punchy sound, and that the bass is not extended well at all! And that nothing is articulate and clear in the treble. And the vocals and acoustic instruments are fake sounding and un-lively. Yup, this is exactly what could happen. I'm so glad I got to read your comment. What an intelligent individual you are. Thank you! Thank you so much! Bless you... bless your soul. 

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I pity the poor girl.
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