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For Sale: ifi Audio Micro iCan

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For Sale:
ifi Audio Micro iCan

Will Ship To: CONUS

Well, I have to sell my iCan.  I've had it for about a month and it is probably my favorite headphone amp that I have ever owned.  


It drives pretty much everything and has gain switches on the bottom of the unit.  It has an awesome XBass switch that boosts the bass in the analog domain and not the digital domain.  The unit also has a 3D sound switch that works in many different situations.  It does a great job of focusing old stereo recordings (think Beatles stereo recordings or old jazz recordings that are very left-right), and the strongest setting opens up the sound stage and is really great for gaming.


I've used it with Triple Fi. 10s, AKG Q701s and Focal Spirit Classics and all of them sounded great.


It comes with everything that came in the package and original packaging:


ifi Audio Micro iCan

ifi RCA cables

ifi mini-mini stereo cable

small tool to move the dip switches up/down

ifi proprietary power supply

warranty/instruction card


Lookinng for $200 shipped, this includes paypal fees.


Thanks guys!


- Matthew



*** took some better photos, hopefully these are less grainy and show the features better ***

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I've never met you


and this is crazy


but here is my iCan


so buy it maybe?

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