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Hi !


First off, thanks for the beautiful forum and all the ones participating, it is my first post but I have been reading quite a bit :D


I would still need a bit of a help though.


I have purchased and sent back three headphones : DT 990 Pro, AKG K551 and K701.

All of them were used with a Xonar Essence ST, which may not be the best thing I could have out there, but I bought it for 70 bucks, which seemed to make it a good value!


I'm now seeking an headphone that would come close to the K551, but without the closed-back design.


Here is my experience with all three:


- DT990 Pro: Very boomy, I had never heard (or felt rather :L3000:) the impact it offers with the bass, and it's fun to listen to! But not for more than an hour for me... The bass and the muffle sound just becomes really tiring. That's when I put my AKG K701.


- AKG K701: OH GOOOD I'M BREATHING AGAIN > First reaction each time! It's like visiting something underground for a few hours then going back up into the light and an open space :D

Problem with the 701 is the opposite, I found myself pushing up the volume so that I can ear a bit of bass on almost every song I tried, but then the highs becomes too loud. Too bad, the sound clarity is incredible!


- AKG K551 : My favorite because it felt in between. Not as clear as the K701, not as boomy or impactful as the DT990 Pro, so less enjoyable on some "clear" music like classical or bassy pop for the DT, but more pleasant overall.

My issue with this one would be the closed-back design... it does feel immediately close compared to the two open ones and I always need to take them off within the hour because I feel like my ears are "suffocating", which it's rather tiring too.



So here I am, three good headphones! Just no luck with two that I can't stand for long and one lacking bass for me.


Good thing is that I have 3 popular models for a comparison basis so it might be easier for someone to advice something.


I thought about the Senn HD600 and HD650, but I'm not sure how their sound fit into this.


Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


PS: Pardon my English, Frenchman speaking :D