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I just got a new white AKG Q701 from amazon, which the price is $194. I have read many threads before and almost all of them said this headphone definitely needs a AMP. But since I got it, it works good on my macbook pro, iPad, iPod, and my Nexus 5. I don't think I need a AMP. Why is it? Because this one is a fake as it was made in China? 

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The production shifted from Austria to China. Most likely not a fake. If you don't feel you need an amp that's great. If one day you decide to get one you'll be in luck because they like power and respond well to it. I had one recently but upgraded to a k712.
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i am confusing now....i dnt know how much different it would be if i get a amp. It works great now. if i want to get one, any brand you suggest?

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Welcome to Head-fi! I would recommend researching the sites forums for more info than I can provide. There is a wealth of it on here.

Basically with the Q701 and it's cousins K701/702 they have the capacity to blossom sound wise with more power supplied than a typical headphone jack on an iPod or computer can provide. The headphones you have are capable of much more than you are now hearing.
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Your Apple's are made in China, are they fake?

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haha, all apple products are made in China, but some of this headphone were made in Austria. i have no idea why my one is made in China....

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I think only K812 and K712 are still made in Austria. Aswell as early K612. Newer Quincy series is made in China. Some early Quincy Austria....

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