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I am looking for some 3-button control earbuds that will work with my Z2. Finding these has been challenging, to say the least.  Adding to the typical troubles finding 3 button Android compatible earbuds, the Z2 uses a CTIA headphone jack as opposed to OMTP. My Xiaomi Pistons, which I love dearly, are not compatible with CTIA jacks.  


I have found the following 3-button earbuds that purportedly are fully compatible with Android phones.  


Sol Republic Relays

Degauss Labs Sabotage Royale


Can anyone confirm these one or both of these sets are CTIA compatible?


Can anyone recommend the best 3-button Android compatible earbuds in general? Even if they are not CTIA compatible, it would be great to know for the future as most phones use OMTP.  However, if they are CTIA compatible that would be superb!


Thank you!