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Hello All


As many, I'm trying to find a very small package to improve my phone sound quality and came out on these 2 DAC/Amps. The Herus is really small and can easily be thrown into a bag without risking overweight at the airport check-in. The Nano iDSD is seems somewhat bigger and less packable, but seems a strong contender. For now I don't need DSD capability, but it is a nice to have in terms of future proofing.


Both get rave reviews (living in Kazakhstan, I can't hear them for myself unfortunately), both have their pluses. Setting the price difference aside for a moment and focusing on sound quality only, which one would you recommend?


Because the Primo 8 is an IEM, a low sound floor would be much appreciated, but overall quality is key. I play everything from classical piano and full blown Bach (organ, orchestral works) to singer/songwriters, triphop (I know, my ages is showing now), to dance and pop. If I had to choose with knife on throat, acoustic music and voices (both male and female) would be the main music type I will use them with.


I'm at a loss and would really appreciate your help!


Thank you all