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reccomend me an iem

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I'm looking for an iem...... Ot maaaaaaybe something over ear....I've got about a 120 limit and I am strictly an amazon shopper. I wanted something really we rounded, something that works well with death metal then will rattle my brain when I decide I want some dub step or hard style. I've been looking at the shure se215 and the etymotic hm5...or maybe a set of crossfade LPs or something. I guess I'm just looking for something awesome
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I can't really speak for that range of full size headphones though I can say that the Shure's are an excellent option, keep in mind that the bass is slightly above neutral. What are you going to be using them for (eg. Everyday earbuds, exercise etc.)? Also what type of music do you listen to mainly?
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Just every day listening...listening on breaks at work or sometimes
While working (Walmart) I listen to mainly metal and edm
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I don't have the best frame of reference, though I do have some, so take everything I say with a grain of salt. I find for your price range the Shure Se215's to have good base and decent clarity, they honestly can compare in some ways to their bigger brothers, I have listened to them and found them very nice for Hip-Hop and metal. Otherwise, I've seen mixed reviews for the Klipsch S4/S4i, (I preferred the Shure's though your experience may vary, I returned mine after a week)
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The rha ma750 and yamaha eph100 are pretty popular around here
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Have you had any durability issues with the se215s? And what are the ma750s like?
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Shell seems decently durable, never really had the chance to test this however. Might just be the fact that I have the clear version and can see the internals which gives off an air of delicate-ness but I feel like they could break given the wrong circumstances.
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How about the joint where the cable and shell meet...I've heard about issues with that
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for your music tastes i think youd do better with the 750.  the 215 will be too much too polite up top for you.

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