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Hi, I've mainly been a user of cheaper desktop speakers, and was looking to get into getting a cheap, but decent pair of headphones. My budget is up to $55, and due to having credit available, I can only order off of Walmart (just throwing that out there in-case someone happens to know of another decent pair of headphones I should consider). I'd rather not have the in-ear headphones.


I've managed to limit my choices down to either the HTF600 or the HTF890. I like the way both look, and both seem to have great on-paper specs, but there's also a somewhat large price difference (about $30 vs $50).


Based on what I can see, it seems the HTF600 has far more review, with most being positive. The HTF890 on the other hand has fewer reviews, and most are relatively negative, mainly pointing at the sound quality and bass. But seeing as it's a newer model and costs more, I don't really know if they would be better or worse than the HTF600.


Any suggestions as to which ones I should get? Or perhaps I should look into another pair of headphones? The Dubstep SE-D10MT-K looked somewhat interesting as well.