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For Sale: Woo Audio 2 (SOLD)

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For Sale:
Woo Audio 2 (SOLD)

Will Ship To: CONUS

Hello everyone, thanks for checking out my auction for the Woo Audio WA2 headphone amplifier.  The amplifier has been lightly used and is in like new condition.  I am the second owner and have only had the amplifier for a few days.  The reason I am selling is because I go to college and work part-time so my funds are limited.  I like to try out new gear from time and right now I need to use the funds for other priorities.  


++The amplifier was purchased directly from Woo audio in January 2014, so it is still under warranty until January 2015.  Amplifier will include original paperwork and will be shipped in its original box from Woo Audio.  Extra tubes will be packaged separately.++


IMPORTANT: This amplifier is slightly different from the standard WA2 because the original owner asked Woo Audio to build it without the pre amp feature.  This way more power is going to the headphones and no power is being diverted to the preamp function.



The amp comes with the following tubes:


+All six of the stock tubes included by Woo Audio which are untouched and still brand new

+Two Tung Sol 5998 power tubes (purchased on ebay for $150)

+Two perfectly balanced Sylvania 7236 power tubes (purchased from TubeWorld for $120)

+Two Amperex 7308 driver tubes (purchased from Woo Audio for $230)

+Two Telefunken EZ80 rectifier tubes (purchased from TubeWorld for $150)


*will also be including a standard power cable with the amplifier*



++Will only ship to the contiguous 48 states in the US++ 


Feel free to message me if you have any questions.  Thanks again!

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