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XuanZu u202

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hi there, 'scuse me if i've posted in the wrong place but although i've been reading head fi for quite a while i'm a new member.  until such times as i can get my hands on one, or have reviews to read, i'm down to looking at the pictures.  i will have the chance for a friend to bring back from china a head amp and i like the looks of the XuanZu u202  has anybody got any experience of this amp?  and if so could you share your opinions of the build and sonics.  thanx

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Your answers shall.... eventually be answered.
I ordered one for $200USD (Including shipping) on AliExpress. I'm going to do a review and we'll see how it goes.

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Don't even bother buying this. Audio is distorted, one magic eye tube is dead. Just no.

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Sorry to hear Nec3. Sounds like your XuanZu arrived with a bad tube. Mine arrived very well packed, each tube individually rapped. My final price was $150, plus the shipping of $50. I have my LG HDTV running optical into a separate mixer for the DAC, 3 CD players, & my MacBook Pro all running through this awesome DAC! All I can say is CLARITY! Very transparent & incredible presense & bass, this is such Eye candy & all my gearfriends are immediately drawn to it! I have a small fan running to keep it from overheating, I can run it hard all day & it performs flawlessly! Best addition to my system in years!
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I got one too ...  rolled it with various 6AS7, 6080 from cheap RCAs to WE 421a/5998 ... headphone used are AKG K142 and K7XX.


Swap out all the stock Chinese tubes including the magic eyes with German Valvo EM87 another set from Mullard EM87


The pre tubes I have used so far...GE 5stars 5670..GE JAN 5670 ...JW 2C51 Western Electric ... Russia Duet 6N3P-DR


It sound different with different combinations of pre and power tubes.


Its a nice little amp but does have a problem...very very hot ...when it over heats it will auto shut down.

If your listening room is like mine without any air-conditioning it probably will only run for 1-2 hrs max at night.

I think is a good thing it protects itself from damage.

I notice it does run cooler with the stock tube and Russian 6H13 but again not more than 2hrs of continuous operations.


I have over heated an amp (another similar amp) and blew a component inside.


For now I placed a small USB fan to keep it cool so now I get it run over 3 hrs without problems.


My CD source is a Bada HD-23SE Anniversary Edition gold color...almost same gold color as the u-202.

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Great info Walter, I was going to ask if anyone had recommends for tube swapping. I run one small little fan next to the unit, it won't shut down if you keep the air around it moving... I run mine all day, sometimes push it hard & it works flawlessley. Thanks for the tube info!
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Let me know if which tube(s) you want to know. I am still looking around for other tubes to try.

I got a pair of RCA command 5670 on the way to me.

I still looking for a pair of lower price Slyvania Gold Brand 5670/2c51...prices are getting higher and higher.

My best tubes cost more than the amp itself~! crazy man.

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The amplifier before 50/60 hours work it is very tired of singing the tubes call, but the singer and the singer died


Buy on aliexpress small amounts


Support and warranty of products hi fi ................. care


Side of there begins to suggest many questions, questions, ......... understand


I bought FX 802C digital audio amplifier and a LPS.

LPS cable the seller forgot, Ok 


I bought one.

DAC and LPS amplifier everything works well, for the price and connection on pc good.



3 weeks later the connection cable arrives,( cable the seller forget send end shipping the order ) cable much higher than it had



And I connected the LPS amplifier cable

A second all burned DAC, LPS.


Make the video the situacion


Complaint to the department of Aliexpress consumer protection 


Opened dispute only if return is € 9.00 value of cable that burned € 400.00


When they sell and receive money, the Chinese are very loving.


Write and request that we give 5 stars


In the malfunction of an equipment is the confusion no one wants to know anything.


Question about warranty, I do not know, every product has a warranty,


Illusion .................... products Aliexpress CHINA


If it's a sock, a cell phone cable, they send a new one





Products of certain value worked okay,

 but stop work 15, 30 days you TO LOSE


Aliexpress accepts all this from its sellers


Everyone plays at home.!!!!!!


Go my amazon more safe!!!!!!!

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