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For Sale: Heed CANAMP upgraded + Bonus

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For Sale:
Heed CANAMP upgraded + Bonus

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Lots of information on this engaging amp. See the threads here and rockgrotto. Famous for its partnering with AKG K701 and 702. I used it with HD600, HD650, HE-500, HD800 and Grado PS500 with success. This is a very versatile amp with outstanding image layering and big sound. This is a powerful amp with nearly 1W (32 ohms).


Look at the photos of the stock unit at rockgrotto and compare to the mods I have performed on this unit. Replacement caps are Elna Silmic, Nichicon KA Audio Cap, WIMA, and bypass Vishay MKP1837 on larger caps, Panasonic film snubbers on the PS diodes. Replaced the "hazy" sand cast power resistors with non-inductive mil-spec Dales. Most importantly, the series output resistor is now the Vishay "naked" Z-Foil TX2575 ($16.00 each channel). This last change was quite noticeable.


BONUS: I am including (3) Op Amps along with the one installed, the NE5532. 


  • AD823
  • LM 4562
  • BB OPA2134


EDIT: I will ship the original box, shown, within another box and plenty of cushion.



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I am giving away my labor and much of the parts cost for the upgrades and op amps.


Grab this - because I believe you won't hear another CANAMP that sounds this good!  :eek:

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